Mad Dog...Which NESARA?

Mad Dog...Which NESARA?
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Johnny Skidmarks
Saturday, October 29, 2005 07:41 pm

Hi Mad Dog,

I am unclear which NESARA you are believing in. The original by Barnard or the other by The Dove?

Care to expand?


Remember this reality....Skidmarks on uncooked roadkill tastes like elastic in underpants.

: I AM A COMPLETE BELIEVER in NESARA.... guess we\'ll see fairly soon. I
: believe something is coming that is on the line of NESARA (maybe not
: quite the exact thing..... but very close). THAT is my opinion.

: I have read many of the words on this board (in fact, I read ALL the
: messages, and the lines have been drawn). In fact, there will come a
: time VERY shortly where people will be able to discern who is FULL OF
: IT, and who isn\'t. But remember, we are creating our reality, and if
: mankind truly understood the power of that divine right.... many
: would be co-creators - helping to create a vision of joy instead of
: one of negativism.

: What a wonderful world we live in [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] eh?

: Your cup is not half full....... it\'s ALWAYS FULL!!