Mad Dog: Where Is TNT Heading?

Mad Dog: Where Is TNT Heading?
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Totenkopf Time
Thursday, December 22, 2005 02:22 am

What is TNT seeking to achieve?

TNT was supposed to be free of the control common to the other boards. Is TNT morphing from its image of a lawless, wild west saloon where whisky swilling cowboys come to duke it out, to that which the Jockstrap Twins envision, namely, an old biddies tea club where conversation is limited to Space Cadet church gossip and washing old ladies\' soiled panties and ironing bazooka bras?

TNT has attracted a bunch of shoot-em-up characters that express themselves with legitimate and colorful words and phrases...exactly like one might expect from the wild west. One is a slack-jaw yokel from the backwoods of Washingtion State; another hails from Canuckstan where men are hard to tell from women; there\'s the bloke from the wild outback where men are men and sheep are skittish. And of course, yours truly, a lifter of kilts and highlands hillbilly.

Or will the wild west be tamed and feminized by the Jockstrap Twins?

You decide Mad Dog.