M & Q invite "S" for T ?

M & Q invite "S" for T ?
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Saturday, July 02, 2005 10:02 am

Hail, O Juan Ceasar!

Your daddy strikes me as heap plenty smart man!

But no one is perfect.

I been hearing scuttlebutt around the Forum that he may have recently fallen under the influence of some local Greek soothsayer!

Yes, It is Shocking, simply shocking, eh?...But not to worry!..

I\'m certain it\'s all a mistake. I\'m sending Guido and Vinniecus over to see about helping him and back to his senses...

So......er...uh...by the way....

In the meantime, has your poor old delusional Pa

said anything to you about the Ides of March?

If he does, pay no attention whatsoever!

You know these Greeks, they are always horsing around!

Oh Yea, I almost forgot...

Me and the boys down at the Senate house are planning to take a stab at throwing you a big party!

It\'s no biggie, we just thought it would be a killer idea to show you how we all feel about you!

And...when you see what we have planned, well... it\'s gonna simply slay ya\'

I guarentee it!


-Brutus and the Republican backstabbers


Re:(B on S) Who is this dreaded \"S\" of whose name I was so happily ignorant five minutes ago?

He wouldn\'t be that runaway Thracian Slave that has been marching up and down Italy with a backstage pass, a lousy haircut and a cast of thousands, would he?

I just can\'t seem to place the face with a name...Goes to show how some people are more important than others...and then there\'s the forgetable ones... Uh...what was that name again? Maybe it would help if you spelled it a couple more times for me!