Latest News from Dr. Horowitz's Hawaiian Battle...Please Pass this on.

Latest News from Dr. Horowitz's Hawaiian Battle...Please Pass this on.
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Sunday, September 10, 2006 12:47 pm

Dear Friends and Colleagues in all health, vaccination, and Lifewave

Do as much as you can to spread this word. Below is our latest press
release and statement posted this AM on [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] where you
will be able to find our latest updates. Another report will be issued next
week with the filing of our court papers.

It is our duty as Americans to protest this horrible abuse of power
directing institutionalized child abuse and mass genocide masquerading as
"TB-prevention" and "public health."

Tell everyone to CALL TO Complain to Public Health Official Judith Akamini
in Hawaii. Her number is below. Everyone has every right to be appalled by
her negligence and ignorance, and confront her on this. Her behavior and
department's illegal actions amount to "Gross Criminal Negligence!"

Maybe if enough people tie up her phone line, she'll get the message to
cease and desist this criminal abuse of Hawaii's children and families,
mine included.

We are working very hard at this time to educate the citizenry of Hawaii.
If you have any friends or relatives on these islands, please contact them
with this information and request for political activism.

The legal complaint, and other updates, will be posted and archived on
[ OLD LINK REMOVED ] as early as Wednesday.

Please read this carefully to preserve YOUR religious freedom from bodily
harm and civil rights. This is not simply about my child, community or

Much love and aloha in the Spirit of solidarity and community in Divine

Understanding Hawaii's
"Tuberculosis Control Program"

Let's get this straight:

As our "Christian Nation" conducts "War Against Terror" to preserve
"Freedom," "Democracy," and a "Jewish State;" and our "Anglo-American
Coalition" sends sons and daughters to kill "Muslim Extremists" in the
threatened "Holyland," "Patriotic" school officials and health
administrators preach, "Just Say No To Drugs" and persecute my
Judeo-Christian family for choosing to remain pharmaceutical-free. They
expel my daughter from school for asserting her "religious freedom" to
abstain from intoxicating blood-letting they call "TB-skin testing." They
revoke her exemption ordained by Bible laws, State statutes, and
Constitutional rights. Now they threaten my family with arrest for
protesting this injustice in a militarily seized, illegally occupied,
Kingdom of Hawaii.

Is this the "kind and gentle" nation you adore? America is asleep,
effectively hypnotized, living a bizarre nightmare that fearful people are
too paralyzed to awaken.*

Statement to the Press, Hilo, HI, September 8, 2006

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M. D., M.A., M.P.H.

*The grammer in the final sentence above may seem grammatically incorrect
for a reason.

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Release: No. TB-09
Date Mailed: Sept 8, 2006
For Immediate Release
Contact: Matthew J. Sherrill-808/965-2112;

State Attorneys to Battle TB-testing Protesters in Court

Hilo, HI -An Attorney General for Hawaii's heath department has been
ordered to defend against a public health authority who is protesting the
State's forced TB-skin testing of religious people.

Attorney General Blair Goto will represent the Department of Health against
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, according to court papers to be filed next week.
The doctor is an internationally renowned award-winning author whose
daughter, a 14 year-old Hilo High School freshman, was forced to leave
school last Friday for failing to get a TB-skin test.

Alena Horowitz, a straight "A" student and member of the school's "varsity"
cross country team, sought her religious exemption from the test as is her
right under the current law (§302A-1156). Officials are denying her legal
exemption saying the law provides no mention of the test.

Confusion arose nearly a decade ago when health officials failed to read
their own Department of Health Revised Statutes.* This law established
that, "No child shall be subjected to medical examination, vaccination,
revaccination, or immunization, whose parent or guardian objects in writing
thereto on grounds that the requirements are not in accordance with the
religious tenets of an established church of which the parent or guardian
is a member or adherent. . . ."

The law goes on to state that during a declared epidemic a religious child
may be forced to leave school or quarantined, but only when a vaccine is
recommended for the exempted condition. In the case of TB, the BCG vaccine
has been discouraged from used due to its risks and inefficacy.

The risk of TB infection in Hawaii is far below what State officials
require to declare an epidemic, but the health department has issued press
releases that feature Hawaii's rate among nation's worst.

"Persuasion graphics and spin-doctoring helps officials get funding for
programs," Dr. Horowitz said. "Hawaii's 'Tuberculosis Control Program" is a
classic example. According to CDC publications, Hawaii's Department of
Public Health is breaching standards of care and misallocating resources
for skin-testing 'low risk' children."

The State's TB case rate varies from low on metropolitan Oahu
(approximately 12 cases/100,000) to very low on the Big Island (3-9 cases
per 100,000). All states with similar rates honor religious exemptions.
These include Washington, D.C., California, Texas and Maryland. Hawaii may
be the only state in the America violating this fundamental right to
religious freedom.

Dr. Horowitz began to study this problem of health department wrongdoing in
2002 when two of his children were refused admission to local Christian and
Waldorf schools. He determined that health officials were overstepping
their legal authority.

"In 1996," Dr. Horowitz explains, "local legislators passed bill
302A-1154-1157 pertaining to school "IMMUNIZATION" and "TB Clearance" to
reduce burgeoning bureaucracy and give students more personal attention.
Somehow this term "TB Clearance" was introduced into this law. No one seems
to know where it came from. The word/phrase is nowhere to be found in legal
or medical dictionaries, or even in health department administrator's

According to Dr.Horowitz, an overzealous health official came up with the
idea that "TB Clearance" is different from "IMMUNIZATION" even though they
are paired in 302A-1154. Both prompt a system-wide immunological antibody

Officials forcefully established a policy that breaks the State's religious
exemption statutes. This set a precedent that nearly everyone has
mindlessly followed. "This abuse of power continues today," Dr. Horowitz

Health officials are breaching religious freedoms, civil rights, medical
and public health standards, State laws, and Constitutional guarantees for
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness according to the lawsuit in
Hilo's Third Circuit Court. The complaint will be filed by Hilo attorneys
Gary Zamber and John Carroll who will urgently seek an injunction to return
Alena to school and her athletic training.

"A number of important and fundamental rights are central to this suit,
including rights to privacy, bodily sovereignty, and a child's education.
The law is very clear that parents and students maintain religious freedom
and shall not be subjected to unwanted medical examinations or
immunizations. TB skin testing is clearly a form of medical examination
featuring the fundamental mechanisms of immunization. Alena has a strong
likelihood of success based on the merits of this case."

"This provides a great opportunity for all the citizens to become informed
about their legal rights to medical and religious exemptions," Zamber
added. "If anyone were to reach a contrary result, it would mean that your
body is a piece of property owned by the government, which cannot be the
case if natural persons have inalienable rights."

Opposing Attorney's for the State were not able to explain the total basis
for their defense. They simply told Zamber that health officials do not
consider TB skin-testing either a "medical examination" or "immunization,"
and that their defense will follow receipt of the complaint.

* (Vol. 6, 1993; Vol 6 Cumulative Supplement 2005; Reg. 321-11.5)

-end -

Note to journalists: For interviews on this topic, or copies of the
petition, contact Alena and Dr. or Mrs. Horowitz at 808-965-2112. To
contact the public health nurse who ordered Alena from school, contact Judy
Akamini call 808-974-6025. Attorney Zamber's number is 808-962-0025.
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