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Friend of the Flock
Saturday, May 29, 2010 07:24 am

Bernanke admits “the Federal Reserve Board has run out of money.”

 In a private letter to a White Dragon Society member, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted the “Federal Reserve Board does not have any money.” For this reason, he asked the person in question not to try to cash a large, legitimate, dollar instrument he had in his possession.

The Feds are now in China on a begging and blackmail mission aimed at trying to get more money. Our Chinese sources say they will return empty-handed unless they talk to the White Dragon Society.

As they run out of money, the Nazi/Bush Fed faction is resorting to increasingly evil and destructive tactics. The blowing up of the BP oil well and their refusal to stop the oil flow is them saying “if you do not give us the money, we will destroy the planet’s eco-system.”

They also sank a South Korean ship and blamed it on North Korea as a way of threatening to start all out war on the Korean peninsula if the Chinese do not hand over the cash. They also produced an ancient, barnacle covered relic:

and tried to fool gullible corporate journalists into believing it was “proof” of a North Korean attack.

More ominously, these criminal masterminds have sent an envoy to convey the threat that they would set the whole Pacific ring of fire on fire.

We hope they will talk with us soon to discuss a peaceful transition to a better planet before all hell breaks loose.

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