Lately, my meditations all enforce one extreme issue......

Lately, my meditations all enforce one extreme issue......
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TNT MadDog
Wednesday, December 27, 2006 06:24 pm

For some reason I\'m continuously hearing this phrase:

Don\'t EVER be AFRAID of the Truth!

After putting some thought into this, I realized something profound.

No matter what your are doing in any given moment, if you embrace truth... your progression is assured, resulting in an excited progression of Humanity as a Whole.

It doesn\'t seem that important.... but go into a meditation where the Truth scares the living \"SHAT\" out of ya. I\'ve had that happen several times in my OBE or Extreme Meditations.... and it once took me 4 months just to start meditating again...LOL

Needless to say, upon embracing truth in yourself... and demanding that self remembered state of Being You.... it catapults you into your growth.

I have now removed most all fears of the mind (which is no small task) that I can fathom, although I\'m sure my lessons are not yet over. But in truth... ALL is Alive and One... and lack of those veils can be overwhelming (leading one to fear that un remembered self ....and all it\'s unlimited potential).

This is an observation that is quite common in the Esoteric and Metaphysical Genre..... the reason I\'m emphasizing it.... well....

People these days are starting to ABSORB the Truth....

The more we remove the FEAR of Truth, the greater is the Moment(Ohm) of Change towards a Unifying Voice.

Listen Folks, we\'re coming into an exciting New Year (2007). Regardless of what you hope to accomplish or where you are going throughout the Year.... Embrace Truth....

And if you\'re one of those that is of Service to Life, then Live it!.... by your actions...... shall ye know yourself.

~ TNT MadDog Don