L.A. now in Mexico? *LINK* *PIC*

L.A. now in Mexico? *LINK* *PIC*
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005 08:42 pm

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L.A. now in Mexico?
Billboard for TV newscast has \'CA\' crossed out, nation\'s named added

Posted: April 25, 2005
5:00 p.m. Eastern

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An immigration activist group is drawing attention to a photograph showing a billboard ad for a Spanish-language TV newscast in L.A. on which the \"CA\" abbreviation after \"Los Angeles\" has been crossed out and the word \"Mexico\" added in its place.

Purported photo of billboard in L.A. area.

An e-mail to supporters of Americans for Legal Immigration states: \"We just received this photo of a billboard in CA that reads \'Los Angeles CA\' but the CA is crossed out and replaced by the word \'Mexico.\' It looks like this billboard is compliments of Clear Channel.\"

The billboard reportedly sits along the 605 freeway in Southern California. A photo of the ad was taken by a commuter who says he first thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

The e-mail that accompanied the photo read:

I travel every day to and from work on the 605 freeway. By the sand quarries and the river wash there are many billboards. I have noticed that it seems more and more of them are in Spanish.
Last week, I thought I noticed something strange on one of billboards. The 605 moves fast usually at that point, so I went by again the next day and verified that the CA was crossed out and replaced with MEXICO.

Still not wanting to believe my eyes, or hoping they were playing tricks on me, I went by again, Sunday afternoon the 24th. I went home and retrieved the digital camera. I drove north on the 605 past Ramona and there it was on the right-hand side. I pulled off the road and took this all too sad photo.

I guess they don\'t have to hide their intentions anymore.