‘Krispy Kritters’

‘Krispy Kritters’
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Friday, October 06, 2006 08:51 pm

: 7. Human energy becomes stronger on a full moon due to more Light being
: reflected to earth.

A little addition to #7…

When the moon is a ‘Full Moon’, it is it is in the position of the least interference with regards to the Sun’s energy getting to earth.

Whatever the Moon interferes with, (as far as Earth getting the full ‘benefit’ of the Sun’s energy) would be interesting to know.

All of the symptoms point to an increase of mental activity within the brain.

That mental increase seems similar to the rising of the ‘Kundalini’ energy. (but to a lesser degree)

Seems to me that if one ‘stray’ asteroid, or comet, were to nudge that little ‘fella’ out of the way. We might have a ‘party’ on our hands.

That scenario would certainly give rise to massive Earth change.

For one… The Earth would act like positive ion…

That would have to change ALL of the energy formats on Earth.

HA !!!

Imagine if it was the Moon that landed in the Mediterranean. (as I saw in my ‘vision’)… Coz as I remember. The Moon was showing me the ‘strike path’.

We would soon find out what it is made of… AND what (if any) life forms were IN it.

‘Krispy Kritters’