J.F.K and TV, Ron Paul and the Internet

J.F.K and TV, Ron Paul and the Internet
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 01:32 pm

I still find it hard to believe that I\'m so damned hyped about Ron Paul...but IF he wins, I think some of Canada\'s problems will go away (probably not the frickin\' RCMP though...). Anyhow, my mind started thinking about what it must have been like during Kennedy\'s campaign and I somehow remembered that Kennedy won the first TV ORIENTED campaign ever...heres from Wikipedia and I won\'t bother linking it...

\"The key turning point of the campaign were the four Kennedy-Nixon debates; they were the first presidential debates held on television. Nixon insisted on campaigning until just a few hours before the first debate started; he had not completely recovered from his hospital stay and thus looked haggard, sickly, underweight, and tired. He also refused makeup for the first debate, and as a result his beard stubble showed prominently on the era\'s black-and-white TV screens. Kennedy, by contrast, rested before the first debate and appeared tanned, confident, and relaxed during the debate. An estimated 80 million viewers watched the first debate, after it had ended polls showed Kennedy moving from a slight deficit into a slight lead over Nixon. For the remaining three debates Nixon regained his lost weight, wore television makeup, and appeared more forceful than his initial appearance. However, the audience for the remaining three debates was not as large as for the first debate.\"

I\'m starting to think that Ron Paul is in the same position as JFK only with the backing of the Internet crew/crowd/blob. I watched Dr. Paul @google and he was fantastic! The employee\'s reacted favourably and the questions were clear, concise and varied enough to get a very good glimpse at Pauls ideas. Later today, if I have the stomache for it, I\'m going to watch at least two other candidates@google interviews and see how others compare.
But having followed this from the get go I\'d have to say that on TV Ron Paul has been neither here nor there in comparison to other Rep.\'s, in debates. Perhaps if he had been given at least half of the time given to Ghoul and Mr.McGMOfries he might have had more time to shine, his ideas sure did. But in his one on one interviews he definitely sounds sane, which is more than ANY other candidate does.
Seeing as Paul is 3rd in Google searches and people like that kinda-cutey \'Rachel\' are doing videos and such on him...and the way that ideas and concepts go viral (30,000,000 reads I\'ve been told on the \'No ORAGNIC bee loss\' email I put out) I can see Ron Paul sweeping the race as long as people JOIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND VOTE FOR HIM!
Not that I\'ve spent a lot of time looking, but I do glance about...no one seems to be making \'Rachel\'-like Hillary videos/Ghoul videos/Obama videos etc. Maybe this is the death knell of the MSm (sic)? I seriously do not know anyone who is close to me other than my mother who watches tv! Geesh, I just spent 2 days pirating the \'Lost\' series for a household who saw the first 2 seasons on DVD and didn\'t want to wait nor get cable to watch the third season. Everyone either gets their news from the Net or from friends who monitor the net, like me.
Until I woke up (in 1985 at 17) I thought America was great, and Ron Paul feels like, and looks like and sounds like what I thought an American president should be! Go Ron Go...Can you imagine a Presidential debate between Hillary and Paul? There is no amount of bad make-up that Paul could wear (hell he could wear a friggin dress) to make him lose to that bwitch (sic).