"'Jesus in Kashmir': Documentary Film Made by the Government of India"

"'Jesus in Kashmir': Documentary Film Made by the Government of India"
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 09:16 am
It\'s always very interesting when
the government of a large country

makes a film about Jesus.

There has been a longstanding
tradition among both the Hindus
and the Muslims of Kashmir, in
Northwestern India, that Jesus
Christ spent time in India, where
he was known as Yuz Asaf. Some

say that he is actually buried at 
Rozabal, in Shrinagar, Kashmir,
where a shrine over the tomb has
been maintained by the same
family for 1,100 years.

The Jainists of Puri to the South, in
Rajasthan also revere Jesus, where

he is called Jammu. They built a
temple to Him there centuries ago.

Dozens of local legends exist, in small
towns, from Pakistan to Iran, along the
Silk Route, which Jesus is said to have
taken from Israel. To this day, there

are several Jewish communities living
in villages along this route in Pakistan
and Afghanistan (shown in this film).
These people are thought to be some
of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Endless amounts of books and

documentaries have been made on this
subject. More information about this
fascinating tale is linked below, along
with the Indian Government\'s film.

Video (about 53 mins):
\'Jesus in Kashmir\': Documentary Film

Made by the Government of India

- Alexandra
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