J P Morgan? was a dam good guess Skids.

J P Morgan? was a dam good guess Skids.
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Saturday, November 05, 2005 05:12 am

Having read that book on Tesla\'s life...(the one that is supposedly \'approved\' by his nephew... can\'t remember the name of it, about 450 pages) To me the most striking thing about the info in the book (besides Tesla\'s weird but brilliant mind), was the fact that J.P. Morgan financed Tesla ALL THE WAY...

What is so interesting about that ???

Well... I thought that if JP Morgan had all of Tesla\'s \'papers\'. (obviously he had them because he paid for them)... Then ALL of the \'top secret\' stuff was privately owned way back in 1910... And with plenty of money and power (as JP had), there is no way... NO WAY... that knowledge would fall into the hands of ANY government agency or military mob.

So that means that the \'high-tech\' weaponry (among other things), was, and is still run, and financed by private corporations.

That adds up to about a 100 years of technological development that \'we\', the people have only seen a \'thimble\' of.

So, what level is this technology at.. And who is \'running\' it ?

Well, I don\'t know. But if one were fastidious and patient enough, one could scour the company records (public and private), and follow the J.P. Morgan dollar from 100 years ago, to its many \'homes\' today.

That is where you would find all of the high tech weaponry (among other things)

My guess is that the military has diddley squat to do with the \'good stuff\'.

And from what I have seen personally.

You\'all, are in for a bit of a shock.

Coz \'they\' have gone way past what the rumors say.

\'They\' have gone way past what you can imagine technology can do.

I did not see this in meditation, or with \'remote\' viewing.

I saw some of this stuff for real... In my ordinary wakened state.

But anyway... When I saw what I saw, that J.P Morgan scenario popped into my head.

Not so HughRay