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Dr HermanSJr
Dr HermanSJr Transform Your Mindset & Vision via the Concept of Interconnectivity & Psychological Strategies
Global Change Agent
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Dr. HermanSJr. is the most globally sought-after mindset transformation expert in the world who uses Interconnectivity and psychological strategies to transform how you think, see, and perform in your world. He is famous for transforming mindsets without the lengthy and costly process that others usually push. A Harvard University-published writer, two-time author, university instructor, and consultant featured in 25+ media platforms across countries, industries, and languages. His expertise is used by executives, managers, entrepreneurs, police, doctors, entertainers, universities, students, and salespeople across companies, countries, industries, universities, and even languages. Due to the tremendous effectiveness of his program a global educational entity is certifying people under his name and program.

Dr HermanSJr Book 2
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Dr Cesily DeAngelo
Dr Cesily DeAngelo Dr.Cesily DeAngelo Ph.D
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I am a Metaphysician, a Workshop Facilitator, and Author. I am a raw vegan chef. I wanted to do more in the Holistic field so I have a degree in Parapsychology. I am a Master Reiki, Prana, Munay-Ki ( Instructor), Color Therapist, Vibration Therapist, Doula, and Counselor. I am an author of "Its Vegan and it tastes good", "Manifestation workbook 1" & Alchemist Culinary Alchemy 4 Healing. I create internet TV shows and Radio Shows "Food Alchemy Network". I am Gemstone Instructor. Providing Workshops & Conferences for Women Yoni Healing and Workshops & Conferences for Men Lingham Healing. Provide Workshops on Detoxing and other things to keep the body safe. I have for Sale Product line for the body for hair to oral care to Alchemy herbal desserts (dr.cesilydeangelo Products).

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Manifestation Workbook 1
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Sonja and Esin Tanrisever profile picture
Sonja and Esin Tanrisever Free Art Learning With Kids
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Sonja Böhlander Tanrisever is a Swedish Turkish freelance artist lately living in Istanbul and  it has been 58 years that she teaches children and adults in art, besides writing poems and articals mainly focused on educational matters (

As a young person in Sweden, she received education in art and pedagogy (sculpture, drawing, painting and textile design). Simultaneously she had started gathering children and youngsters in her studio for their obtaining experiences in art making. She found opportunity to set up an art school for adults within Swedish workers educational association (ABF) as well as participating in her first exhibitions.

During her later life with family in Turkey, above mentioned basic fields of activities have been further developed, like own art (6 one-man shows and 22 group exhibitons), teaching adults in art. She has also been lucky of setting up her therapeutic rehabilitation section for adults at a university hospital psychiatry clinic in Istanbul. Her main occupations in teaching though, have been establishing many kinds of creative environments for young persons from various sociocultural standards of living. These has become realized as a kind of “building bridges” within different leading cultural and educational institutions sometimes between nations. Ofthen such involvements have had character of connecting institutions with one another. In this context, particularly teachers’ training has been a vital interest.

Through contribution of a certain established blend of Swedish Turkish art pedagogical model, by time it’s influences have come at least to a certain degree get gradually ramified within the country. For the time being besides working in her own studio on pictorial / sculptural weavings, she is actively working as art consultant in a private kindergarten (AKD American Cultural Association), pa private primary school (Harvard International American College, Istanbul) and TYSA (Life Therapy Art Association in Istanbul). Among her publications can be found;

“Innovations in children’s art education” Yildiz Teknik University Muzecilik ve Egitim

“Integration and Playfulness For Children In Art Pedagogical Education InSEA (International Education Through Art), 2004

“Art Pedagogical Seminar Cultural Bridges Between Nations” Swedish Institute, 2003

“SKYGD Experiments In Supporting Social and Cultural Life” Programs For Art Studios , Importance of Creating For Child and Youngster and Their Relations With Material, 2009

In these days, together with her daughter Esin Tanrisever she is about to publish an E-Book “Introduction To Free Art Learning With Kids”

She is a regular artical writer in an online magazine “Children On Earth” of American Cultural Association (

Artist is a board member of UPSD (International Society of Plastic Arts), member of InSEA (International Society For Education Through Art), SKYGD (Association for Development of Social and Cultural Life) and AREM (European Rehabilitation Center. Pieces of her art works do take place at collections in different parts of the World.

Upon Sonja’s Art works: “Artists’ works may be associated with travelling… Dreamlike states of journeys between different dimensions of time and space. Outlines vanish and borders between dream and reality, past-time/ present time gets overlapped into each other. Lines, colors, shapes and textures come to symbolize Artist’s thoughts and emotions.

In usual dreams one more or less drifts along in uncontrollable sequences of events. Also artists in ‘dream’ state, ‘witnesses’ in a kind of awake condition stuff that dreams are made of: fragmentary images of experienced perceptions from past or present life. These now gather together, get confronted, reborn and embodied into pieces of art.”



Having a great deal of experiences being active in innovative art pedagogical projects and being supported by leading cultural and educational institutions, she has cooperated as organizer and runner of art workshops for children in South America and Turkey. She also has experiences in assisting, founding and running art training courses for teachers and then supervise these teachers for teaching their own children.

Through extensive experiences in different professional artistic environments (like studies in painting, sculpting, batik), she has come to develop and exhibit a personal style of artistic expression, in which, influences from Nature plays a dominant role. She is a member of InSEA (International Society For Education Through Art). She also keeps writing short stories and articles.

She is a member of the NGO “AKUT” Search & Rescue Society ( and has participated in social responsibility projects with different duties like having been head of K9 Rescue Dog Training Department. She got a degree on tourism and hospitality services from Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey.

Esin Tanrisever holds multiple citizenships of Sweden and Turkey and resides for the time being in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides above mentioned experiences, she is partner and director of innovative companies in the field of Health & Medical Technologies both in Istanbul-Turkey and San Fransisco Bay Area-US, following up with the projects of her father, who has been a brilliant scientist.

From Esin upon materials she uses in her Art Works: “Bark or branch of a tree, a stone, bone of an animal, feather of a bird or a seshell… All these natural objects, however modest they may seem at first glance, have very lyrical expressions of their own. And it’s like as if they can tell about stories they have lived through…

From the very moment of first facing them when placed on my canvas, a relationship between me and them gets started… According to their shapes, colours, structures, smells…

 And so I come  to be a shell and the shell becomes me. Discovering at this time that I’ve found a language of my own.”

Free Art Learning With Kids, Introduction Book
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Denise Mange, Pet Prana
Denise Mange Pet Prana
Pet Whisperer
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Certified Dog Trainer, Pet Intuitive, Pet Numerologist and Founder of Pet Prana After a decade working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York City, Denise left the glitz and glamour of Madison Avenue to pursue a true sense of fulfillment and soul's purpose, which she found working with dogs. Upon certification through traditional dog obedience training programs, she realized there had to be more that could be done to honor the connection between pups and their humans.

Looking for ways to foster those deeper connections, Denise studied with some of the top animal communicators and intuitives in the field, and eventually developed a unique brand of mindful dog training to help pet parents forge a loving partnership with their pups through the lens of mind, body, and energetic connection.

Denise’s proprietary process Translating Beyond Behavior(SM) provides a roadmap to how your pet’s behaviors can give you specific insight into the healing that is ready to take place, including limiting beliefs to process and which chakras they affect. Denise's integrative approach helps foster true partnerships and heart centered connections that deepen the compassion and understanding of the lessons your animal companions are here to share with you, using methods such as chakra work, animal communication, and pet numerology in conjunction with the fundamentals of traditional obedience training. Think of it as self help, for Pet's sake!

Denise received her BS from Boston University, her dog trainer certification from Animal Behavior College, is a certified Animal Communicator and Intuitive Energy Reader through top experts in the field and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

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Cheryl Powell
Cheryl Powell Author/CEO/Inspirational Speaker
Author/CEO/Inspirational Speaker
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Cheryl Powell, (writing under pen name Cheryl Denise Bannerman), is a multi-genre author of three successful works of fiction. At the age of 42, after burying her father, she learned a truth about her entire life that would shatter her identity, as she knew it. She was not her parent’s biological child.

Soon after, she buried her mother along with the family secret, proceeded to break free of an abusive marriage, and picked up the pieces of her life to start over in Florida. Through her faith in God, sense of humor, and intense therapy, she was able to ‘recreate her identity’ and come to terms with the truth.

One of the few female authors to introduce topics of social concern within ‘fictional’ stories, her books draw from her most intimate life experiences and include characters who have been victims of child molestation and domestic violence, and who suffer from depression and various addictions. In each novel, the characters are brought closer to Christ and ultimately overcome the trials placed in their path.

In hopes of removing some of the stigma surrounding seeking help and ‘therapy’, she openly shares how she survived and escaped her abusive marriage, and ‘recreated her identity’ at the age of 42. Now, she is helping victims of Domestic Abuse/Violence, Grief and ANON family groups, and Corporate Health and Wellness groups, to heal - creating their own ‘Happy Ending’…one day at a time. Ms. Powell now resides in Orlando, Florida, where she runs a virtual Training and Development company, GC Learning Services LLC dba Learn2Engage, which she founded in 1996.

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Adam Rose
Adam Rose Dissolving the Dream
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From an early age I always had questions, and would gaze up at the night sky with wonder.  My parents told me that shortly after I was born, I seemed to have the look of ‘where the hell am I?’ in my eyes.  I think that look might still be there.

My list of formal accolades is short, but hopefully there is no prerequisite in Heaven for the whole ‘saving-the-world’ thing-a-ma-jiggy.  The most important things you could ever know about me are that I am very curious, and love music. If I ever have enough time and energy to finish the book I started, you’ll get to know more, but suffice it to say that I’ve had a few oddball experiences but an overall pretty standard, run-of-the-mill experience on the ridiculous spiritual merry-go-round.  Just be aware that if we ever do get on board a real merry-go-round together, you better’d be quick, because I’ll race you to the most exotic and idiotic looking creature!

In the summer of 2015, I got an enormous purplish and painful rash on the back of my right leg, and was given a late diagnosis of lyme disease six weeks later.  Some medical buffoonery was involved, but I’ll spare you the details. For over 15 years prior to this diagnosis, I had experienced physical symptoms that were anywhere from annoying to excruciating, mostly in the form of headaches and electrocution sensations.  Whatever the degree and the form of the symptoms that were present, above all, they have been persistent and have thoroughly trashed my nervous system. At this point in May of 2018, I describe my condition as ‘lyme-disease-complex’, indicating that lyme may be involved, but there is in all likelihood a multitude of factors responsible for my general malaise, and this page is no place to get into that convoluted mess.

The extreme pain and the accompanying isolation of sickness have forced my natural curiosity to run the gamut of all possibilities, investigating deeply into my own condition and the general nature of the human condition in its entirety.  Like many people who have been afflicted with this most-unnatural spirochetal organism responsible for lyme disease, my nervous system has been deeply affected, including my ability to concentrate and retain information. Fortunately, my bullshit-detector has come out largely unscathed such that I am still able to glean the essence of people and ideas and can strip things down to the core, just like my nerves have been stripped of their thin myelin insulation.  It has left me feeling indescribably sensitive and vulnerable, and the memory of Home has made me feel acutely devastated in what too often feels like a hopeless condition. There ain’t nuthin’ cute about it.

Every day when I open my eyes in the morning, I feel my nervous system rebelling against the idea of living another day and it seems inconceivable that I could  accomplish anything at all in such an afflicted state. Even as I write in this moment I am all too aware of my overloaded neurons, and have a hard time imagining how I will be able to do everything required of me for the remainder of the day.   Somehow, I will make it through this day, and in all likelihood, I will accomplish something, be it petty or significant. Yet this is no way to live, as it is little more than mere survival. And just as I experience this horrific reality in my own life, I know there are millions of others who live in chronic pain and are bereft of hope, and this goes way beyond ‘not okay’- it’s fucking outrageous.

Although my experience living this way has been hellacious, it has not crushed my spirit, as my sense of humor still thrives and my goofy and playful nature remains intact. Neither has the pain obliterated my convictions that we can transform the world quickly and completely and with greater ease than we may be willing to entertain. Yet my confidence in this conviction can vacillate wildly, and takes a nosedive when I feel distant and separated from my Soul Siblings.  Just like everyone else, I require comfort and support, and am certainly not here to promote toughness or machismo. This world is difficult enough as it is, and I certainly feel no compulsion to make things even harder for myself. This difficulty is no surprise, as I am not unaware of the fact that there are dark forces that do not want me here because of who I am and what I know to be possible. Yet through all of the trials in this world of darkness, my focus is irresistibly attracted to the Light, the Truth, and towards getting the job of worldwide transformation fully initiated.  

The creation of Dissolving the Dream, along with my musical creations, have come to fruition not be tenacity or perseverance, for I do not believe that I am endowed with these virtues.  They exist because I am here and cannot tolerate being idle. Until I can leave the world knowing that my son will be okay without me here, there is no choice but to do what I have been called to do.  So let’s save the friggin’ world already!

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Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
Internationally acclaimed Physician & Health Educator,accomplished Author, award winning Documentary Director/Writer/Producer & a Key Witness to the historic 1997 AZ mass UFO Events.
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Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator for over 40 years, who pushed aside her accomplished medical career to pursue answers for the silent, mile wide V, Delta and Boomerang shaped “objects” that were witnessed by over 10,000 people on March 13, 1997 and that she photographed up close and personal prior to, during and after what is now hailed as the most witnessed, most documented and most important mass anomalous sightings in Modern History. Dr. Lynne was leading the cutting edge era of early disease detection and prevention as Chief Clinical Consultant of the Imaging-Prevention-Wellness Center at the world renowned Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona until coming forward in 2004, after seven years of anonymity and intense research, as a key witness to the still unexplained mass UFO events throughout Arizona, called the “Phoenix Lights”. Besides appearing on hundreds of national and international TV & Radio Programs, including Coast to Coast AM, the History, Science, Travel, Discovery and National Geographic Channels, Dr. Lynne has recently released the 20th anniversary editions of her bestselling Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone Book, the internationally award winning Phoenix Lights: Beyond Top Secret Documentary, and the groundbreaking Phoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circle Graphic Novel/Activities Coloring Book, which are available at Lynne Kitei MD,

Latest 20th anniversary edition by Author & Key Witness Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
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Don Donderi, author of UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions
Don C Donderi PhD UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions
Ergonomics Consultant, Retired Professor

Don C. Donderi, PhD


Don Donderi is a co-founder (1982) and principal consultant of a human factors and ergonomics consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario. He spent 47 years at the department of psychology of McGill University, Montreal, retiring in 2009 as an associate professor after also serving a term as associate dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, as well as a term as an elected member of the university Senate. While a graduate student in the United States he worked summers and part-time at IBM from 1958 to 1962, with secret clearance, on perception problems related to the design of navigation displays for high-altitude aerial reconnaissance. He earned a doctorate in experimental psychology from Cornell University in 1962, after which he joined the Psychology Department at McGill. He has written, co-authored or edited three books, contributed chapters to two other books, registered a patent and a design copyright, and has written over fifty peer-reviewed scientific articles. Since co-founding the consulting company, he has worked with private companies and civil and military agencies involved with flight simulation, marine navigation, rail transport, road transport, air traffic control, nuclear power, and marine search and rescue. He has carried out field research on marine navigation and on search and rescue in the Canadian Arctic and in the Atlantic Ocean in cooperation with the Canadian and US Coast Guards and the Canadian Department of Transport. He has designed wheelhouses for Canadian Coast Guard cutters. He has designed avionics displays and has carried out research and literature reviews on marine navigation displays for the Canadian Department of National Defence. This research and development work has been presented in over fifty technical reports. He has also provided expert advice to law firms on civil and criminal cases involving aspects of human perception, memory and judgment. This advice has been presented in more than 80 legal reports, and has been supplemented, in seven cases, by courtroom testimony.

Interest in Extraterrestrials

Since 1965, Donderi has been using his specialized knowledge and research skills in the areas of human visual perception, memory, and thinking to study the evidence about and the behavior of the extraterrestrials who have been present, on or near our planet, for over half a century. He has published several peer-reviewed scientific studies on this topic, and in 2013 he wrote UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence (Hampton Roads Press), which is a comprehensive historical and theoretical review of the UFO evidence and its reception by both the general public and the scientific and academic communities. He lectures regularly on the topic of extraterrestrials to university audiences and the general public.

UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence
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Shirley Enebrad knows about grief, death and dying and beyond!
Shirley Enebrad Shirley Enebrad, Author, Grief Recovery Specialist
Author, Blog WriteV/Video Producer/Writer, Grief Recovery Specialist
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Shirley Enebrad became an award-winning television producer/writer and the author of “Over the Rainbow Bridge” and “Six Word Lessons on Coping with Grief” because of her son Cory. Cory was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age three. He died just after his ninth birthday. With the knowledge that she gained from her experience with Cory’s illness and death, Enebrad helped create Seattle area support groups, and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross grief workshops for children and teens who came from all over the US and Canada to participate.

For fifteen years Enebrad conducted weekend workshops for Providence Hospice in Everett, Washington and then, went on to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. She continues to conduct grief workshops and also does one-on-one grief work with individuals.  A dedicated and inspiring volunteer Enebrad was honored with an Angel of Hospice Award and the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service. 

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Paul Houdart
Paul Houdart

Recovering drug addict. Human being with ADD ADHD President of "AHA" Athletes helping addicts. Advocate for the lives and well being of all pets and animals.

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