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Post date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 09:50 am
Lisa Barnett
Lisa Barnett From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life
Akashic Record Expert
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Lisa Barnett has devoted her life as a divine channel to help people connect to their divinity and receive the soul guidance they are searching for to heal and transform their lives. She has spent more than ten years as a Religious Science Certified Practitioner, R.S.c.P., where she offered healing prayer treatment to the congregations and served as vice president on the board of directors at Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living in California.

Lisa is the internationally recognized bestselling author of "The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records" and her newest book “From Questioning to Knowing – 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life”.  She is also the founder and head teacher of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, an internationally recognized school where students can learn to access their soul wisdom and guidance from their personal Akashic Records along with numerous healing tools, meditation, and prayer systems. The school has thousands of students worldwide with dozens of certified consultants and teachers.

Lisa has more than twenty-five years of experience in the spiritual healing forum and is a master of many healing modalities. Her specialty is empowering individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, health, and ease by helping them align with their soul path, understand their soul contracts, and complete their karma and vows.

She has developed many amazing programs to help ordinary people experience lasting transformation, including ten written and auditory courses, dozens of meditations, and she offers frequent webinars to teach people around the world how to access their Akashic Record.  The goal of all of these programs and books is to share the tools and prayers from the Akashic Records to help her clients and students at a soul level create the life their hearts and souls desire.

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Michael Tibbetts
Michael Tibbetts TheFamily Center For The Sacred Heart
Family Healer

Michael Tibbetts is a 44 year career marketer and educator and “Family Healer,” working for the past 31 years with families on a global basis providing them with educational tools and spiritual resources for healing. He has applied the lessons gained from leading his own Family's Healing Journey since 1985 to help 100's of other families begin and nurture their own restorative journeys.

He is currently the Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer of his own Family Healing Ministry: “The Family Center For The Sacred Heart.” Please refer to this website for a complete Ministry Overview. This Ministry is currently serving families in 45 states and 30 countries due to the Ministry’s social media and telesummit  outreaches.

Michael's spiritual growth journey since 1985 has led him to become an inspired writer and speaker of “Timeless Wisdom”, as a “Healer Of The Sacred Heart.” He is passionately guided by his Divine Truth that the Family is the Sacred Heart Foundation of all Creation.  He believes that all people, places and events in our lives are placed there for our personal growth, in order to increase our capacity to give and receive God's Ever-Present Unconditional Love.

Please check out Michael’s Facebook page and website at::

You can contact him at (937) 435-8468  or at

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Bernadette Di Gabriele
Bernadette Di Gabriele Bernadette M DiGabriele
Life Advancement Consultant & Speaker
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Autumn is my favorite time of year; perhaps that is because I was born into a big family, living in a small, upstate New York town, during this fabulous season. I am number six of seven children and ironically, I am now a mother of eight amazingly unique individuals. I love to write, teach, speak, inspire, motivate, and create. For me there are no limits, our potential is infinite, and our destiny is ours to design. Guiding individuals toward embracing their truths, discovering their passions, and living a balanced happy life is what I am here to do. Hello, I am Bernadette Di Gabriele and it is a great pleasure to meet you.

To begin, I grew up in a strict catholic home and realized early on that structured religion was not for me. It was in my mid-teen years that I had the chance to venture out and discover other religious mindsets. In my early twenties, I decided to dedicate myself to Christianity, moved to a small Tennessee town, and became an ordained Spiritual Teacher under the Church of God. During this time, I co-partnered a business heading the departments of Human Resources and Operations, while singing in and co-pastoring at a small church - where my primary focus was relationship enhancement, family services and youth counseling.

Still feeling unsettled about my spiritual beliefs, I began researching deeper into other philosophies and quickly became intrigued by the diversities and similarities I had discovered. I was now in my late twenties, finding myself at a major crossroad. Feeling desperate and trapped in a life of falsities, instability and uncertainty, I stumbled upon a spiritual weekend intensive that impacted my life so significantly that I had no choice but to make effective, necessary changes. I allowed my mind to embrace the idea of universal energies, I opened myself up to accept my gifts and passions, and I embarked on a new journey set to understand and grow what I knew was innate to me.

Through my studies, I have realized that there are very few absolutes, however, those that exist are irrefutable. I particularly enjoy working with one of these rarities, as I find discovering its power and ability invigorating. What is this captivating absolute, you ask? The answer is energy. Being a Usui Reiki Master and Theta Energy Practitioner, I tap into the power of this phenomenon in order to help others restore balance in their lives; ultimately creating happiness.

Today, my path of discovery has brought me to a place where my heartfelt desire is to assist others in achieving their goals, both personally and professionally. My recipe, well, I take my experience, passion and divine impartations, then I combine those elements with my behavioral science, communications, and, spiritual education and background. Adding these components together equals valuable guidance for individuals toward realizing and reaching their highest potential. Together we can make discoveries that will forever impact your life, setting you on a path to design your destiny one intention at a time. 

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Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor
Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor For Relationship Help
Relationship Consultant. Speaker. Author. Living with, Loving, or Leaving Relentlessly Difficult People
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Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, offers urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis. As a relationship consultant, speaker, and author, Dr. Shaler specializes in working with the partners, exes, adult children, and coworkers of the relentlessly difficult and disturbing people she calls “Hijackals™.”

Working with people struggling with life, death, and relationship for over thirty years in Canada and the United States, Dr. Shaler has brought hope, comfort, strength, and success to countless people who honestly believed it was impossible. 

Dr. Shaler calms the turbulence of troubled relationships. Relationships in conflict foster fear, frenzy and friction. She creates the insights, skills and space for new beginnings and positive re-connections. She offers the insights and pattern-breaking skills that lead to blame-free, game-free, non-manipulative relationships.And, of course, sometimes it becomes clear that relationships need to end. 

Author of sixteen books, Dr. Shaler's atest ebook in her series, ESCAPING THE HIJACKAL TRAP: The Definitive Guide to Dealing with Relentlessly  Difficult People, was added to Amazon in 2016.  In her 2014 book,  KAIZEN FOR COUPLES: Smart Steps to Save, Sustain & Strengthen Your Relationship, she offers a carefully distilled summary of a lifetime of insights developed from helping real people confront the real-life challenges of living and loving together. It offers workable solutions to 21st century relationship issues and a new, proven model for living the loving relationship you most want. 

Dr. Shaler’s work has been featured on FoxNews, PsychCentral, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, The Good Men Project, eHarmony, Care2, Greatist, Pulse, and The Needs, among many others. Her YouTube channel,, is an evergreen source of practical insights and tips for relationships. Her newsletter and podcast, Vital Tips for Relationships, provides frequent valuable strategies.

Websites & Newsletter:

Podcasts:  and On iTunes
YouTube Channel:

Speaker Site:






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Managing, Coping & Dealing with Relentlessly Difficult People At Home & Work, Smart Steps to Save, Sustain & Strengthen Your Relationship, Communication. Conflict Management. Negotiation. Anger Management.
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keith long journalist on call
keith long Journalist On Call
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Credentials: Business Consultant – Solving Problems on a Low Budget                                           

Advisor to the executive board for a national business mentoring non-profit. Responsibilities: executive steering committee; business mentoring oversight; executive instruction programs.  {60,000 clients yearly}

Keith’s niche: one-on-one direct mentoring of business owners across a broad range of entrepreneurial issues. His specialty is developing strategic solutions without spending a lot of money. Keith is well-connected to the business community nationally. His programs are presented at Eckerd College, Stetson College of Law, St. Petersburg College, Keiser university. His initiatives have played a leading role in rebranding the SCORE message.

Startup business and entrepreneur strategic consulting

Client response:

I just wanted to say thank you for the counseling session on 3/14/17. Your encouragement to network and suggestions to move around the obstacles is really paying off already and its only been a week. My visionary meeting is scheduled for this Saturday afternoon and I will keep you posted. I am really excited about getting this project off the ground as its been something that I've wanted to do for many years! Thanks again,

Best regards, Leanne Scalli

Advanced Developmental Psychometrist at Johns Hopkins, All Children's Hospital

Keith hosts a Florida Bar CLE program for public defenders, state attorneys, law professors, trial attorneys, and law students. He is connected to high profile, nationally prominent attorneys and trial consultants {he also consults with the Innocence Project in Washington DC}. His legal analysis is in demand throughout the US. For example, he is a sought after analyst for televised trials like the Casey Anthony trial and OJ Simpson. He has collaborated with major law firm principals from Australia to St. Louis, Mo.

CLE {continuing legal education} for attorneys. 2016 programs: Stetson College of Law.

"Mr. Long, I cannot thank you enough for your time and generosity to allow the Innocence Initiative the opportunity to present last night's programming. I certainly hope this is the beginning of a continuing collaboration between yourself and our university. It has been a privilege and thoroughly thought provoking experience. Warmest regards," Stetson University College of Law {Innocence Project -- host}.

Carlos J. Martinez

Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office of Professionalism and Instruction

Dear Mr. Long:

I would like to express my gratitude for the training presentation you made to the attorneys of this office.

The presentation was very favorably received and greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you.


Carlos J. Martinez

Public Defender

Bay County Bar Association                                                     

Bay County Bar Assn. President

Dear Keith:

The pleasure is mine.  By far, that was the best program the Bar Association had in years.  

I would love to read more of your work.  Is there a website I can visit to purchase?

Talk with you soon.

Devin Collier

Asst. State Attorney 14th Judicial Circuit

Financial markets                                                             

Finra Series 3 Certification; 5 years’ experience as an international investment account manager, responsible for 8 figure account trading balances. Keith has also collaborated with urban development business leaders associated with Rutgers University and Chicago urban development projects. He works with CEO’s of major businesses including large insurance companies, major restaurant chains, investment bankers {M&A’s}, and other influencers in the business space.                            

Life, Health, Annuity, licensed

Formerly enrolled AFLAC agency                                                       

University of Florida Innovation and Entrepreneurship program

{Agile team concept modeling startup business}                              

C-Suite research for a broad range of business solutions. Recent 2016 clients have involved Greenbelt property zoning {for building code exemptions}, 3D printing innovations, immigration law, patent research in association with court litigation, FCC import certification for RF {radio frequency} products made in China, international trade treaties {BIT’s}, expert witness clients in med mal, etc. 

Keith collaborates {helps write} with principals to publish their books on business, the law, investment banking, and personal stories. His own book won international endorsements from CEO’s of major international banks and investment institutions. His book, published in 2001, can be seen at                                   

Keith professionalizes books for publication on Amazon and with institutional publishers.

Keith won the Society of Professional Journalists 2016 award as their top journalist {shared with Atlanta Journal-Constitution}. One of his articles is published online at Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism and can be seen at*

Professional Recommendations:

Keith works with a leading jury and trial consultant who says this: "Keith is 2nd to none as a journalist. He is a top-notch journalist who is not afraid to tell the truth."  Dr. Amy Singer {trial consultant for OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, Jack Kevorkian, others}.

{China-based business importer of electronics into US} Research Project Date 12/14/2016

“Keith did my research project regarding US compliance requirements with a clear and detailed report answering all the listed questions I had. Communication and accuracy of the answers were perfect, I will definitively call him for help more often

United States
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C.F. Jackson
C.F. Jackson iDefine TV everyone deserves to be on TV
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Content Coordinator
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Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Ms. Jackson graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Criminal Justice and now resides Atlanta. For the past 15 years she has flourished in Atlanta, writing and consulting others how to discover their talents and reaching their business goals.

In 2005, C.F. discovered the power of the internet, where she began studying on how to use it for marketing and promoting her suspense novel Won't Be Denied.

Her novel Won't Be Denied became a mantra for many for taking action in life. Her internet web presence is everywhere, and she has been published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Find Your Why and Fly: The Ultimate Success Factor, Atlanta Creative Loafing, and others.

C.F. Jackson has also been interviewed on The Sumter Television Show, The Louie Jones Show, Millionaire Monday Series by John Di Lemme and Atlanta’s WVEE (V-103 FM), to name a few. While on the other hand she has interviewed some great individuals herself, such as, actor, comedian, producer Sherri Shepherd, NFL Linebacker Demario Davis of the Cleveland Browns to Tony Simmons recent contestant of the American Grit on Fox.

Today, "the entrepreneur inside" has set out to create a way for many entrepreneurs to independent artists to take advantage of the large market of available TV viewers who now have access to her television network iDefine TV. Ms. Jackson's main goal is to enrich, educate and entertain her viewers, while providing the perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs, independent artists to consultants to build credibility, authority and brand awareness. Why? Because everyone deserves to on television.

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Happy Pregnancy Global Initiative
Dr. Sachin Gothi Happy Pregnancy Global Initiative
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Sachin Gothi is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at renowned Medanta Hospital, Indore, India. He specializes in Laproscopic surgery. He has passion to share his knowledge and experience to create awareness. He is a part of various social organizations committed to improve maternal and child health. He believes that Happy Pregnancy Global Initiative is the mission of his life

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Shirlene Reeves
Shirlene Reeves Ms
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Speaker, public figure & Educator
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Shirlene Reeves is a Certified Financial Educator, Int’l speaker, author and TV/ radio show host who speaks about easy financial principles & specializes in educating coaches and entrepreneurs on the secret formula for transforming their businesses and massively increasing income by selling with heart & Massive Visibility.

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Khaleelulla Khan Leadership Coach, Consultant, Employee Engagement, Personal Branding
Khaleelulla Khan Dream Excel & Succeed
Leadersjip coach
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I hold Bachelors Degree in Engineering in Electronics and computers. Post Graduation in Business Administration in Finance. I have done many certifications in quality, processes, people management, leadership, management innovation. I worked in corporate for 25 years in organizations such as HP, Shell, Sony, PwC. I am certified Leadership Coach. I am a contributor on HuffPost and Thrive Global.

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Mack Maloney
Mack Maloney Mack Maloney
Author of best-selling "Wingman" series and Radio Show Host

Mack Maloney is the author of the best-selling “Wingman” series, (Open Road Publishing). With more than one million books sold, Wingman is considered one of the most popular military aviation series of the past two decades. His new book, “Wingman 18 -- Battle for America,” was published May 2.

Mack is also the author of “UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You To Know" (Penguin Books.) Why are UFOs spotted more often during times of war? Mack tracks this phenomenon from Biblical times right up to the present, citing dozens of instances of UFOs being present during key battles in World War One and Two, the Korean War, Vietnam and the First Gulf War.

Mack is also host of the popular “Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files” radio show heard on a number of internet networks as well as Armed Forces Radio. Discussing everything from UFOs, ghost ships, missing aircraft and conspiracy theories, the show made national news two years ago when an alien calling in from 44 light years away correctly predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl.

Mack is also a member of the rock group SKY CLUB whose self-titled CD (Voiceprint Records, London) tells the story of a spaceman stranded on a deserted planet with only the songs on his iPod to keep him sane.