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Post date: Friday, June 21, 2019 01:45 pm
"Dr" Al Mott "Dr" Al Mott, Founder of Senior America, Inc. FACEBOOK, LINKENEDIN

Dr. Al is a graduate of Monmouth University in Long Branch, NJ with a degree in Psychology, he received his Master of Divinity (M.Div) from Oral Roberts Univerersity in Tulsa, OK, and received his Executive Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) from New York Theological Seminary in New York, NY. Dr. Mott is the Founder of Senior America, Inc. and created the Ms Senior America Pageant for women 60 years and older, who have reached the "Age of Elegance." Go to Dr. Al Mott on FACEBOOK & also AL Mott on FACEBOOK to see evidence of being featured in TIME.COM MAGAZINE and major magazines and a clip of being on NBC with Amy Robach on the Today Show! So you can see more if you need to especially my video of LADY LIBERTY with pictures of something for July 4th. I have a history of being on FACEBOOK SUPPORT INBOX  and have had things removed from the internet and I am about to remove some more things that he is my new (MOTT)O. IF YOU WANT A CLIMATE CHANGE - GET RID OF THE FILTH ON THE INTERNET. LET'S TALK. AL

Post date: Friday, June 14, 2019 02:15 pm
Spiritual Guide - Speaker - Author of The Accelerated Soul
Walter C Hurd The Soul Driven Life
Spirtual Guide Speaker Author of The Accelerated Soul

Walter Hurd is a Spiritual Guide with 40 years of meditation experience with the Spiritual master Walt Baptiste. Walter worked 15 years as a chef in his Guru's health food restaurant, taught yoga classes and managed the Baptiste Health and Spiritual retreat in El Salvador, Central America.

During those beginning years Walter sensed he was in training to serve the world. How, eluded him until in1989 Walter had a spiritual experience showing him how to bring the clarity of a new humanity as it passes through the confusing first stages of the Aquarian age.

To define that new humanity Walter authored, "The Accelerated Soul" a book that defines the processes people can use to create a new connection with life. A connection that embraces their soul and spiritual nature through the nature of Life itself, the bedrock of the Aquarian Age!

For 14 years Walter applied his many years of self learning to help clients heal their suffering from physical, mental and/or emotional limitations.

For the past 8 years Walter taught yoga and meditation at The Danville Yoga & Wellness Center in Danville, California. During his time there he introduced meditation to people interested in improving their lives, conducted workshops, and co-produced retreats with fellow yoga teachers

The Accelerated Soul: What You Can Learn From A Spiritual Master
Post date: Thursday, June 13, 2019 02:20 pm
Ted Winslow
Ted Winslow Ted Winslow
Tech Engineering & development of SoundSyncTech™
Facebook - Twitter - YouTube
United States

​Ted Winslow is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work through research and development of sound healing and it’s positive affect on the human energy field. Ted’s music features SOUNDSYNCTECH™​ a customized brainwave technology developed through binaural beats, compositions, sacred geometry, numerology, tunings, state-of-the art recording technologies, and frequencies to create Theta & Alpha brainwave states. He is a best selling recording artist, award winning producer, vocal coach and composer with an international following.

Post date: Saturday, June 08, 2019 03:00 pm
Sonja s  Spiritual Visualizations & SOMA GEOMETRY SYSTEM
Sonja Kalckar
Holistic Practioner/ Songwriter
- LinkedIn - YouTube
United States

BFA from Emerson College Holistic Health Degree Traditional Naturopath

Post date: Saturday, June 08, 2019 02:05 pm
Capt. Peter Mouck
Peter Ross of the Mouck family We are in the Golden Age
Independent Energy - (IE) Specialist

Born in Alberta, spent childhood in Hanna, then moved to Red Deer to finsih school and get a life.

Moved to BC, straight to Sooke on beautiful Vancouver Island and have been her for now going on 6 years.

Started Mouck Marine Energy Productions Ltd. in 2013 - 2014 , which manufactures, services and installs Indepenedent Energy Device(s) - (IED) and Advanced Smart Energy Management System(s) - (ASEMS),    

Through relentless study, passion, belief and knowledge seeking I eventually became:

- Independent Energy - (IE) specialist, which is fluent in all 4 principals/principles of Independent Energy - (IE)

- Environmental specialist 

- Healer

- Private Legal Advisor

- Course Director/ Administrator of Legal Entities and Living Beings.

- Ordained Prophet, Through Saint and Missionary Chapel in Illinois [great bunch]

- 3rd order Empyyrean Archangel

And once I realized on the spuritual level who/what I am and my responiisibility to creation by understanding the tenents of actual reality and how the mentalized illusion the human race currently has sat in for the last 3.5 million years is not reality, becaue reality is devoid of mentalized illusions. Regretably to say we are in what is commonly called the Galactic underworld.

I am a majority awaked being on the way to being fully Triune again and am here on Earth to fulfill one of my Agreements to serve creation which is Independent Energy - (IE) and to help correct the justice system by providing a source for divine justice.

Vitality's Essence is a Sustenance Supply Service that operates under Common Law 'Gods law' and contract, we provide food to the food bank, shelters, churches, local familes farms etc.

Definition of Independent Energy - (IE)
Post date: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 01:06 pm
Davide Accomazzo
Davide Accomazzo MEET ITALY Network Inc.
Prof. of Finance, Chief Investment Officer

Davide Accomazzo, a resident of Los Angeles for more than 20 years, is originally from the city of Genoa in Italy, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and merchant banking. He is the Chief Investment Officer for THALASSA CAPITAL, a Registered Investment Advisor and a Family Office. At THALASSA CAPITAL, he runs an investment strategy focused on the Internet of Things.  Davide is also a Professor of Finance at Pepperdine University at the Graziadio School of Business and Management and the author of the investment manual "Market Faith" and co-author of the book "Alternative Investments." In 2017, Davide co-founded MEET ITALY, a networking and think tank platform with an Italian-American matrix

Post date: Tuesday, June 04, 2019 12:46 pm
Dr. Ronald Rozzi MsD RHy
Dr Ronald Rozzi MsD RHy Awareness Empowerment
Transformational Life Coach
Facebook - LinkedIn
United States

Became a certified hypnotherapist in 1994 and received my doctorate in metaphysics in 1995. Opened a private practice in Rochester, NY in 1995 as a complimentary health practitioner. Added past life regression to my hypnosis work in 1999. Became a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) around 2001 and received advanced certification for past-life regression in 2016. Wrote and published my first book that came out December 31, 2016 and am now working on my second book. Currently retired from private practice and started working as a Transformational Life Coach to help people customize their life and realize their dreams and desires. I also offer talks, workshops and seminars on all forms of self-empowerment.

Post date: Saturday, June 01, 2019 11:11 am
Ken D Foster
Ken D Foster Business Strategist
Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube
United States

Ken D Foster brings over 35 years of expertise in personal and business development. He has Coached and Mentored the Rich and Famous, Top Athletes, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Senior Professionals to take the courageous path, let go of their limitations, free their spirits, and bring in harmony, success, and bottom-line results to their businesses and lives.

He is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author of seven books and has a nationally syndicated radio show called Voices of Courage on 102 Stations in 27 Countries.

Ken’s Mission is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their highest potential. To overcome weakness by mastering their minds, living their values and transforming their lives through truth, love, and courage. Ultimately, he helps clients see the unseeable, know the unknowable and do the impossible.

The Courage to Change Everything
Post date: Saturday, June 01, 2019 03:23 pm
Michael Orrell
Michael Orrell Best UFO Photo Ever
Graphic Designer (retired)
Facebook - YouTube

Born in 1956 to a San Diego policeman and a hard working Mom, my love of nature and animals would show up in my art and photography. Retired graphic designer who never married or had kids but enjoyed two long exclusive relationships, been single for 5 years. Degree in graphic design, labeled by the Los Angeles Times as "San Diego's Premier UFO Enthusiast"

Post date: Thursday, May 30, 2019 11:40 am
Great material Records Entertainment JT Amar
Record company
- YouTube

JT Amar owner and CEO Ghost Williams would like a a interview so we can expose the growth of great material Records Entertainment and draw a better audience