(Instructions for title of this post - repeat following words in your brain to tune of Mighty Mouse theme song) "HERE I COME TO SAAAVE THE DAAAAAAAY!"

(Instructions for title of this post - repeat following words in your brain to tune of Mighty Mouse theme song) "HERE I COME TO SAAAVE THE DAAAAAAAY!"
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Monday, May 26, 2008 08:03 pm

Brother Zany and Brother Drumspirit - I, Brother Marcus, feel we must perforce take it easy on brother MadDog for a bit - I detect within mine relatively sensitive emotional detecting zone that, at least to some extent, Brother MadDog is experiencing rabid, canine paroxysms due to the fact that he is dealing with the upsetting realization that Brother Paul, a truly good soul who would have made a great leader, will not, it seems, be elected President. And for this unfortunate perception, Brother MadDog is perhaps, at least to some extent, taking it out on Brother Obama.

(What sayest thee, Brother Doug? Have I hitteth the proverbial nail on the head? Or have I smashed the living shit out of my thumb? Art thou popping around out there somewhere in cyber-land? Brother Drumspirit hath called upon thee too!)

Perhaps what Brother MadDog doth not fully cognize is that Brother Obama is also a very evolved soul, who has considerable and very positive leadership experience on other worlds, and who hath come to us at this, our time of dire need, with a great deal of caringness in his heart to be a great leader, and to lead for all the people in the land and in the world. Brother MadDog perhaps needs some reassurance in that it isn\'t necessarily a steadfast adherence to our beloved and cherished Bill of Rights and our irreplaceable Constitution that necessarily makes for a good leader, but that which is deep within the heart of a bona fide spiritual & political leader. That which can tune itself into deeper cosmic values, and which can see that which is right from wrong in any given situation, at any given time.

But we must, as well, give Brother MadDog some substantial credit. He hath been able, on the other hand, to cognize the actual truth about Brother McCain, who, simply put, is a blithering idiot, and Brother Hillary, who at least as far as \"Brother\" Hillary is concerned would obviously much rather be a \"Brother\" Hillary than a sweet, good-hearted \"Sister\" Hillary, having long since massacred whatever remnants there were of a loving, understanding, and nurturing femininity within her vain, selfish, glory-seeking persona.

At this point, I, Brother Marcus, must respectfully bow out of the discussion, as I now run the risk of launching into an uncontrollable and blistering diatribe against \"Brother\" Hillary, especially since I am beginning to experience, I\'m certain of it, the same \"rabid, canine paroxysms\" towards Brother Hillary that our cherished Brother MadDog is perhaps feeling towards Brother Obama.

Brother MadDog - I beseech thee - give Brother Obama a chance. I truly believe he will do the best he can for all of us, and that he will prove worthy of even your high and worthy standards over a period of time.