I 'll be dam

I 'll be dam
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 03:40 pm

A life without storms.. 
Building walls word by word . 
Sadness of spoken lies twist snaring inward. 
Shooting arrows cascading through out misty raynes bright bows. 
Through outlets of going within to many weeping willows moons remain. 
Life times of energy sought wayward journey seeker reachinbeyond barriers. 
Such a height and strength that one has a true harbor withstanding this secret sanctuary. 
Away from crippling turmoil and pain that is so in vain to allow the scavengers whispers needs. 
Harkening to mirror the forth right storm of ones own agony and grief still remain the same heard. 
Speaking the storm of inside outward thoughts of ones own hearts wishes of truth one must Neal to. 
The grouping of those in such now known as infested in its own difficulties by inner woven problematic’s. 
Barriers of such a height and strength that one has a true harbor made of splitters imbedded in the minds soul. 
All due to false accusations rumors taken its tole made from scratch festered from mystical’s call to help that lied. 
Fighting the storm 
is harder than thought bought 
Brightest Rainbow one named became. 
The covenant never to steal my thunder ever again. 
From crippling turmoil and pain each will remain insane, 
Not until brought low and permeable enough to let in fresh sea salt 
cleansing in the misty moons rayne, resting in between the hither 
of the weeping willows tree all for each eye of the storm to see. 
That will fend off the inevitable inclination 
of each that has spoken 
about bright lights in this way. 

God Bless 

The Covanent 
Peace upon Misty Moons Rayne 

Friday June 13th 2008 
1:11 am est 

Cathy Hill Cook