“I have a free place to live on 60 acres if I find a structure to live in.” *PIC*

“I have a free place to live on 60 acres if I find a structure to live in.” *PIC*
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Sunday, March 19, 2006 07:19 am

Go Ferro-cement Hut / Cabin.

The cheapest and best way I know to build a structure to live in is to build out of Ferro-Cement.

Check out this site. [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

Then check out this fellows stuff for example. [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

And check out the photos of various examples here. [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

I know of someone that built a whole cabin (bathroom + kitchen etc) for about $1000.

With Ferro-Cement, you can start small, and just add on as you please.

Plus it is sort of a \'Green\' way to go.

If you are interested in going ahead with this style of structure, give me a \'hoy\'... Coz there is some important \'tricks\' to know with regards to the proper technique. (to get real strength and durability... and keep it low cost)

As an example of the strength of proper Ferro-Cement technique... There was a 74 foot racing yacht called Helsal that was built in 1972 in Oz... It won the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, and held the record for 18 years... Its hull and decks were hand placed Ferro-Cement. And the average thickness of its hull was 1 inch. The top deck was Ѕ inch thick, and down around its keel area was about 1 Ѕ inches think.. Helsal was nicknamed “The Floating Foot path” because it confounded the \'normal\' thinkers.