(I didn't post that)

(I didn't post that)
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 07:39 am

the above sure follows my style of posting, but I didn\'t do it.

To answer it\'s question, yes. News analysts are key to profitable investing, for example.


news Audio pronunciation of \"news\" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nz, nyz)
pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)

1. Information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by newspapers, periodicals, radio, or television.
2. A presentation of such information, as in a newspaper or on a newscast.
2. New information of any kind: The requirement was news to him.
3. Newsworthy material: “a public figure on a scale unimaginable in America; whatever he did was news” (James Atlas).

n. pl. proph·e·cies (-sz)
1. An inspired utterance of a prophet, viewed as a revelation of divine will.
2. A prediction of the future, made under divine inspiration.
3. Such an inspired message or prediction transmitted orally or in writing.
2. The vocation or condition of a prophet.
3. A prediction.

Pronunciation: \'prд-f&-t&-b&l
Function: adjective
: affording profits : yielding advantageous returns or results