I am but an invalid validitator

I am but an invalid validitator
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TNT MadDog
Tuesday, October 25, 2005 03:30 pm

I sure hope you\'re wrong on this. It would be a serious blow to my senses and a blow to mankind if you\'re right.

One thing IS FOR SURE.... you do present valid points and arguments on almost all that you present!

However, time will tell........ and I think you\'ll find that I am correct in my feelings on this matter (wish I could prove it... but alas, I\'m but a MadDog [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

: Everything is plausible even palpable. However.

: In the folklore of every tribe there are stories of how the Leader has
: some divine force protecting him and guiding him. The Koran, Oahpse,
: Mormon, Urantia, etc etc all recount fabulous tales of the divine.
: They\'re great reading for a lazy Sunday afternoon. If the individual,
: after reading these fables, then believes, then that\'s his
: prerogative as much as it is for those that believe in Santa Claus
: and the Tooth fairy and others who build to the arithmetical formula
: that 2 plus 2 equals 5. Many researchers up to the 19 century held to
: Catastrophism which explained man\'s history, so the Oahpse story is
: not novel on this account.

: The claims that America is the Land of the Free or a Republic or
: Democracy is bogus. America has had a secret destiny that has been
: jealously guarded by those foreign powers that lay claim to owning
: these lands. That secret destiny is Amaracu...an occultic Totenkopf
: State of total subjugation and the exercise therein of brutal power
: for the sheer thrill of it. No-one has to believe this, he can dimiss
: it. The foreign powers prefers that you do, for it make the
: transition so much easier when the people love to be ignorant.

: People like Fitzgerald cannot rise to these levels in government without
: knowing the power structure and how it all works. Now it is possible
: Fitzgerald is naive...but that is highly unlikely. This whole affair,
: in my opinion, is being orchestrated for a result already determined.

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