I agee with JN

I agee with JN
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Monday, October 16, 2006 03:30 am

And what is the deal with the road? It reminds me of tires and smog. Those are NOT things that are good for you or me. Think of all those worn out tires, where does the worn-out part go? Probably into our food supply and our sinuses and lungs, yuck! I probably do not need to remind you of the smog and where it goes let alone my thoughts on the oil businesses. With real enlightenment we would not need roads of concrete and asphalt or tires for that matter. We would just levitate to our next destination with help from the abundant particle flows from our star for power. We then will be \"working with nature\". Until then, how about instead using the information highway! Fibre optic cables, anyone?

: It\'s got potential -- definitely -- but I\'m not keen on the green and
: grey colours at all, sorry. There\'s a severe lack of proper contrast
: between the green, grey and black, so it\'s very hard for me to see it
: or read it. Also, the scrolling text lacks contrast and also moves
: too fast for this old blind woman to see, so it\'s frustrating,
: because I\'m sure there\'s a lot of worthwhile content, but if one
: can\'t see/read it, then what\'s the point?

: I honestly don\'t find the new look that attractive or appealing. Even
: the lack of contrast aside for easy viewing/reading, I just don\'t
: care for those colours at all -- I apologise. A number of sites use
: green and black and I find it rather \'eerie\' looking. I don\'t quite
: understand the green coloured sky over an otherwise black and white
: photo and then the yellow line on the centre of the road being
: emphasised.

: Basically, I\'m seeing black, grey, white, green & yellow -- not my
: favourite colours. If you want to use a black background, it would be
: better to use colours that will provide better contrast such as a
: pale blue, lilac, or cyan, etc. -- even a sandy colour. I also have
: issues with red text on a black background. I can\'t see that stuff --
: not enough contrast!

: In my research, experimentation and experience, I have found that it is
: actually easier on the eyes (yes, sighted ones as well) to read
: darker text on a light background, rather than the other way around.
: I always have a harder time reading light text on a dark background.
: That\'s why, when I design and build websites, I tend to use dark text
: on a lighter background. It\'s just plain easier to see/read.

: Sorry, I don\'t mean to appear critical, here, but it\'s meant to help in
: a practical way as well as aesthetically. I LOVE BBSRadio, but
: please: not another eerie-looking website!


: PS: I corrected \'lqqk\' to \'look\'. I\'m just in my \'editor\' mode I suppose
: -- having had a background in print media and being a stickler for
: proper spelling and grammar. LOL [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]