I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Suzy Ward's Channelings *LINK*

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Suzy Ward's Channelings *LINK*
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TNT MadDog
Wednesday, April 04, 2007 11:03 pm

I must say, I have ALWAYS loved her information from Matthew!

Here's the latest ~MadDog

April 3, 2007

NOTE: Due to my ISP’s technical problems that prevented customers from getting on line, I couldn’t send this out sooner.

(Note from Suzy: The topic of the April 5 “We the People” teleconference is “Extraterrestrials among Us”; information about our guest Michael Salla, the number to call and time is at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]. The next “Matthew and Friends” on Internet BBS RADIO (Daily) is April 18, 4:00 p.m. Pacific time, when James Gilliland and Mark Kimmel will join me to talk about extraterrestrial civilizations and their assistance to Earth. With some later exceptions, I have replied to emails through January 1—yes, some of you wrote to me on New Year’s Day!)


S: Hi dear! The list and I are ready to go.

MATTHEW: And so you are, dear soul! Your energy is high, like your spirits, and since the last message was almost entirely God’s “self-description,” this is an excellent time to answer some of the questions that have been accumulating. Let us start off with your list, and I may digress into related topics if the issues are prevalent in minds around your world.

S: Fine! This is the first one: Are demonstrations for peace continuing the polarity where war is at the other extreme and this is delaying the balance Earth needs for ascension?

MATTHEW: I welcome this question. That reader is echoing what is stirring in the minds of some who understand that the changes underway are to achieve global balance, and they are trying to muffle their longing for peace by focusing on feeling “neutral,” or in balance. That isn’t necessary—please allow your natural inclinations for peace to be strong! With peace and war at the extremes of the polarity spectrum, it may appear that the peace rallies vs. the war situation is keeping polarity alive and well, but the actual effect is the opposite. The many millions who are demonstrating for peace, along with the many more millions whose hearts are aching for a world where all live in harmony, are generating the light that is reconciling the polar opposites of negativity, or darkness, and positivity, or light. What is happening is that the long reign of darkness is ending with the massive infusion of light that is bringing those opposites into balance—in light there IS balance and in darkness there is none. Also, protesting against something generates a different kind of energy from the efforts to achieve something. If crowds clamored against war, the focus would be on war, not peace, and the effect would be much different from the abundant light resulting from a focus on peace—this is why “activists” are being inspired to participate in rallies and vigils for peace.

Furthermore, amassing to demonstrate desire for a peaceful world is essential for two reasons: On an individual basis, the people are heeding their souls’ nudging to act in accordance with pre-birth agreements; and on a worldwide level, it is evidence to our space family that Earth’s people are participating in her transformation—it is on this basis that other civilizations are permitted to extend their influence into specific areas on the planet that otherwise would be outside their jurisdiction. That is, your myriad activities toward achieving peace, restoration of the environment, preservation of animal species, humane treatment of each other and all of Earth’s life forms, fair laws and such, collectively are your “invitation” to them to assist you in these areas. Before this invitation was issued, by universal law other civilizations could respond only to Earth’s call for help to keep her planetary body alive; in that same instant that she cried out, over six decades past in your linear time, God authorized them to render the help Earth required. I have mentioned in previous messages their light beaming and various types of technological assistance that include, at Earth’s request after “9/11,” the prevention of all terrorist acts on that scale of death and destruction.

Please do not think that because no “mass landings” have occurred and no space family members living in your midst have introduced themselves that they aren’t there. Millions are working around the clock on your and Earth’s behalf! The day will come when you will know the vastness of their vigilance and assistance in this unprecedented era in your world, and you will take your rightful place alongside your star brothers and sisters as citizens of the universe.

S: Thank you, and I think you’ve already started digressing!

MATTHEW: I knew the first question on your list, Mother!

S: That’s right, you did. Here’s the next, and it’s based on God honoring all people’s free will. The writer cited personal and global examples of hardships due to “dark” free will, and his question is: When does the free will decision of one cross the line and affect the free will decisions of others?

MATTHEW: The question is logical and the answer is simple, but we know that the widespread effects of free will in action are not easy for you to understand. The answer is, God—by whatever names the Supreme Being of this universe is called—has no choice but to honor every individual’s expression of free will. God is bound to obey that law of Creator even though it has resulted not only in the tumultuous, brutally destructive state of your world for millennia, but the total destruction of other planets and their civilizations. Free will is essential so that each individual throughout the universe can choose what to experience in the full spectrum of soul capacities in each lifetime in physical body or in spirit. A soul’s “crossing the line” in one lifetime is the chance to balance another lifetime experience, when some other soul “crossed the line” and adversely impacted the first soul’s desires and freely-made decisions.

The same principle applies to large groups of souls acting out their choices that directly impinge upon the collective wishes of another large group, thus balancing group karma. Geographically, this accounts for why generation after generation of bloodletting happens in some areas and not others, why civil wars are prevalent in some countries and not others, why tyrannical regimes are common in some places and not in others. Because reincarnation offers the opportunity to balance other lifetime experiencing, souls may spend many lifetimes as a “soul cluster” in the same geographic area.

With that explanation, it also is logical to ask: With every soul’s need to achieve balance, how can this cycle on Earth ever end? It is ending by Earth’s free will choice to regain the balance that prevailed in her original Eden self by returning to that higher station, and in line with her decision to ascend, light forces throughout the universe and light workers within and on the planet have been aiding her by generating the light she needs for ascension.

S: Mash, everything is still on track about Earth’s ascension, isn’t it? Someone wrote that your last two messages didn’t sound as encouraging as all the previous ones.

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I know, and I think that copying your reply to her is a good idea, so will you please do that.

S: Here it is:

“The encouragement to all who accept the light is definitely still in Matthew's messages and also those from other evolved light beings. Earth's ascension is assured and so is the journey of all light-filled people who chose longevity clauses in their soul contracts which include that. Matthew and the others at his station feel love and compassion for EVERYONE here and, like Earth herself, would like all of us to accompany her into the higher densities. All of us did choose at soul level to be here now to participate in this unique era of spiritual renewal and global transformation.

“The note of discouragement that you are sensing is that from Matthew's and others' higher vantage point, they can see that rather than embrace the

universal truths as they are revealed, many people will firmly hold onto their beliefs, refusing to accept that what they were taught is wrong, and thus they will choose not to go along with Earth and her enlightened people. However, as Matthew has stated, they take comfort in knowing that those souls will have opportunities in other third density worlds to remember their god/goddess selves and the Oneness of All along with their chosen missions to help those worlds rise into higher vibrations and thereby evolve themselves.”

MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother—you summarized perfectly our feelings that I have expressed in other messages, and I think those bear repeating. We understand the importance to you of our reassurance that Earth is steady in her course and pace, but also we feel that telling you what we see in her energy field of potential is important so you are prepared, not surprised, and so you can have the same comfort as we in knowing that always souls are given other evolvement opportunities, never penalties for not recognizing the one at hand.

S: There’s another email about free will, from someone who read “Light and Love in Action” [Illuminations for a New Era] where you said we should send light and love to those whose behavior we do not condone. She was told that sending it and just allowing someone to decide whether to receive it or not would violate their free will and she would incur negative karma by doing that—she’s asking you to please clarify this.

MATTHEW: No one who sends love and light—which is the same energy expressed differently and the most powerful force in the cosmos—would ever incur “negative karma”! And never could sending energy streamers that are the very essence of Creator be construed as violating one’s free will because exercising free will is making a conscious choice. If the intended recipient did not wish to receive the light, the barrier he or she has against it automatically would reject its entry and consciously the person would never know that light had been sent.

S: I see. Maybe because Easter is coming up, I’ve received a lot of emails about Jesus. Several people cited different books or receivers of channeled information that is very similar or almost identical to yours with one major exception—those include Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, and you say those didn’t happen. Basically, most writers would like you to explain how something that’s either factually true or it isn’t, it’s not a matter of interpretation, came about in this subject that is the core of Christian beliefs. The man who wrote that you are the only source claiming that Jesus didn’t die on the cross, asked: “Why would Matthew make that claim, which puts all the rest of his information in doubt?”

MATTHEW: If truly I were alone in “that claim,” the gentleman would have a sound argument. He, like almost every other soul on Earth, does not have access to the records that prove Jesus had a long life with his wife Mary Magdalene and their children; and on a very recent basis, he didn’t read God’s message about Jesus’ life in one of the books [the “Jesus” chapter in Illuminations for a New Era]. I can’t give a definitive explanation why some contend that the biblical story of Jesus is correct, but it would seem that their unwavering belief in religious dogma is the decisive factor. Regardless of whether a belief is based in fact or fiction—that is, in truth or falsehood—the belief is the person’s reality, and it can “over-layer” the information being telepathically transmitted. Do not underestimate the powerful energy of belief!

S: There are other questions about Jesus. One writer said it’s her feeling, along with her psychic visions, that he reincarnated and is living in the US. Someone else wrote that she knows Jesus was a Pleiadian walk-in. Both would like your comments.

MATTHEW: The soul that embodied as Jesus and other major messengers of God throughout the universe has not reincarnated anywhere on Earth, but the Christed energy that is the LOVE/LIGHT essence of that soul is there in such abundance that it is indeed tangible! As for Jesus being a “Pleiadian walk-in,” I can only wonder where that fanciful tale comes from.

S: Switching to another religion, a reader wrote that “word for word, the Quran’s integrity has been thoroughly verified through a numerical code that makes coincidence mathematically impossible,” and “there are no mentions of multiple lifetimes and reincarnation.” He wants to know why there is this discrepancy between the Quran and what you have said.

MATTHEW: I cannot explain what I don’t know, and I don’t know of any numerical code that can prove the validity of every word of any ancient book, religious or otherwise. However, multiple lifetimes of a soul is the universal reality whether or not it is included in any holy book.

S: OK dear, thank you. Global warming is another big topic. Most people are asking how the melting icecaps will affect marine life and coastal areas, but a few want to know if Al Gore is sincere in his work to halt global warming or if this is politically motivated. Here’s a question I think is interesting: Are the scientists who say this is a naturally recurring episode “enlightened” people who know this is leading to a moderate climate globally, as Matthew said?

MATTHEW: Sadly, some marine populations and animal species living in frigid temperatures will not survive, but most can adapt far more readily to rising ocean and land temperatures than they can live in polluted waters or in sonar testing areas or in cages, much less evade slaughter for pelts or tusks, “scientific experiments,” or delicacies such as caviar and fins. Some low-lying coastal areas and islands will be affected, as I mentioned before along with stating that residents will have time to move to higher areas and be compensated for relocation. Mr. Gore’s sincere interest in environmental issues is of long-standing, and whether he will use this to political advantage remains to be seen. I don’t know if any of the scientists who say global warming is a naturally recurring episode are “enlightened”; what we do know is that scientists who are espousing that opinion are employed by governments or corporations, and the interest of both categories is financial, not environmental.

S: A reader forwarded a report about scientists who have experimented with putting some human organs in a sheep body, hoping that eventually more human organs will be available for people who need transplants. She wants your opinion of this.

MATTHEW: It is more than an “opinion”—long before this experimentation could achieve those results, organ transplants will be only in your history books. As Earth continues on her course, the higher vibrations will eliminate disease-causing microbes, parasites, toxins, chemicals and other manifestations of dark minds that cause illness, organ failure and death. I am not overlooking the damage to individuals from alcohol and other addictive drugs, foolhardy eating, prolonged stress or suppressed emotions; all of those proclivities also will disappear as soul level messages increasingly raise individual and collective consciousness.

S: I thought you would say that experiment is a terrible idea—so much for my intuition! A reader who sent an article on the speculation that the US military will mount a “sneak attack” on Iran within a few days asked if you think it will happen.

MATTHEW: First I say, usually your intuition serves you well, dear soul, and now I say that “sneak attacks” already have been made if you consider the activities of “black ops” agents fomenting dissent and “intelligence” gathering spies. But if the speculation is about a heavy-duty attack, we do not see this happening. Oh yes, this is still the intention of the few minds that for quite some time have been incapable of lucid thought, but a far saner contingent of war strategists and field commanders see that carrying out such a plan would be disastrous. They know the status of the US military forces regarding strength in troop numbers, arms and vehicles; the prevalence of combat fatigue; numbers of deaths, disability wounds and injuries; and low troop morale due to the futility of continuing to fight and die to bring “democracy” to countries that have made it clear that they want to self-govern. What is gradually becoming publicly known is only “tip-of-the-iceberg” information.

S: Matthew, this unconscionable war has to end SOON! Some questions are about that. Most writers want to know when all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq, and one asked: Did troop withdrawal begin but wasn’t publicly announced because the government felt it shouldn’t be known for national security reasons? Someone wrote that his question is rhetorical and probably you can’t answer it: How can members of Congress justify adding pork barrel amendments to legislation that includes a timeline for bringing our troops home?

MATTHEW: No real troop withdrawal has occurred, only rotation, and we can’t tell from the scattered activity in the energy field of potential when all foreign troops will leave Iraq. The Illuminati’s determination to occupy that country as a necessary step to controlling the entire Mideast is as strong as ever—those are the minds incapable of lucid thought—and although global interest in troop withdrawal also is strong, Congress is dilly-dallying over legislating this. As for the “rhetorical” question, I believe I can answer it: Reelection—pleasing the constituents who voted those members into office and the corporations that funded their campaigns.

S: Yes, I guess so—there’s still that much greed and power-mongering here.

MATTHEW: There also are threats and bribes, Mother, and Bush’s pledge to veto any bill calling for troop withdrawal deadlines—those are a part of this. But as I have often stated, while this may be thought of as “Bush’s war,” he is the figurehead for the Illuminati’s war and does what he is told to do.

S: With his abysmal ratings in the polls and world opinion largely against his decisions, I’ve wondered why the Illuminati haven’t assassinated him.

MATTHEW: Mother, you aren’t thinking about the two Illuminati factions and that Bush is cloned. At least two of the clones have been killed, but the Bush faction made certain that new clones were available without “the president’s” undue absence from the public eye.

S: You didn’t tell me that! OK, I haven’t asked. This writer would like to know your “interpretation of the ‘Violet Flame’ to help heal Body, Mind & Spirit”—she read that “it is God’s sacred power to help us heal.”

MATTHEW: In the full range of color, and tone as well—and there are myriad colors and tones that your primary five senses cannot detect—each carries unique vibrations that collectively are essential to keeping an orderly universe; thus they are important not only to Earth humans’ body, mind and spirit, but all life forms throughout the universe, including stars and all other celestial bodies. Although you have designated specific colors for such as enhanced health, evolved consciousness and spiritual clarity, universally all the rays of the spectrum have a host of beneficial effects. However, in your world, envisioning yourselves, loved ones and Earth surrounded by or permeated with iridescent-sparkling white or brilliant golden light has the most powerful effect.

S: Matthew, that is interesting, but it doesn’t address the Violet Flame question.

MATTHEW: You are right, Mother, and I shall be candid—I was ducking it and I shouldn’t have. The “violet flame” is the centerpiece for one school of thought, and it has no more magical or mystical healing power, much less “God’s sacred power,” than other color unless you believe it does. Belief is what makes it so!

S: Thank you, Mash—I understand why you “ducked.”

MATTHEW: I know you do, Mother, but no one else does, so I shall say that, although this does not excuse my lack of straightforwardness, I do not like pointing a finger that way at any individual or group or undermine what may be effective if that is the belief arising from a freely made decision.

S: I’m glad you said that—mothers don’t want their children to be misunderstood! A writer’s concern about the popularity of “The Secret” is that the law of attraction may be applied mostly to attracting wealth. She just saw evidence of this at an expo, and she asked if this could be an Illuminati attempt to have us focus on what we want for ourselves and making more money instead of using the law to serve the needs of humanity and our planet.

MATTHEW: Anything that is developed for “good” can be used for “bad.” The importance of “The Secret” is its acquainting of the masses with that universal law that is in constant operation and which heretofore very few people knew they were using either to their benefit or their detriment, depending on whether their focused thoughts and feelings were about abundance or neediness. I think it was inevitable that for some, creating abundance in life would mean primarily financial, but with the lighter energies now prevailing on Earth raising consciousness, I believe that the law will be applied more so to spiritual and planetary abundance than to achieving a fortune of money.

S: Thank you, dear. “What does Matthew think about the confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that he was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z?”

MATTHEW: I know a bit about this from Earth monitors in Nirvana, and they attribute everything that any prisoners have confessed to coercion through torture, sleep deprivation, hunger, implanted ideas and other means

of extracting whatever the “official line” needs to be.

S: I don’t think that would surprise anyone who reads your messages or a lot of people who don’t even know about them. Here’s a fascinating question—well, it’s from someone who wrote about the Sasquatch, that she has “seen their eyes shine, heard their language and footsteps and felt their presence” and is developing “telepathic communication with them on a limited basis.” She’s asking if they go to Nirvana or the fourth and fifth dimensions after physical death.

MATTHEW: I am touched by the sensitivity and heightened consciousness of this writer. The people you call Sasquatch—or “bigfoot”, and Yeti, or “abominable snowman”—are not anyone’s imagination as commonly thought, but they are as elusive as believers know—they have the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize. Their large hairy bodies may not indicate advancement to that degree, but these evolved souls from another civilization who became trapped in third density retained much of their original intelligence and spiritual clarity. The biblical “Goliath” was of this race when a small population lived in that area. Their bodies mutated from hairless physiques to virtually a fur coat for more comfortable endurance in the elements and also as camouflage in the forests where ages ago they retreated for safety and where they live in harmony with Nature. Because of their DNA, which differs from yours insofar as programmed aging, they have a longer life span than you, but they do not reproduce often and the original Earth population of relatively few souls has remained nearly the same. By nature they are gentle, but they are very wary of Earth humans and if they feel threatened, they can be ferocious because the survival of their race is at stake.

To answer the question, yes, like all other souls who choose an Earth lifetime, the Sasquatch and Yeti transition to Nirvana. Depending on their dying circumstances—that is, if they died peacefully or with traumatized psyches—they either stay only long enough to greet souls whom they know before returning to their homeland, or they stay for the customized treatment and nurturing that all souls in need of that care receive and then they rejoin their civilization. In both cases, they manifest their original bodies for the duration of that next lifetime.

S: Since their life here isn’t exactly ideal, why do souls keep coming to live as Sasquatch and Yeti?

MATTHEW: This race has long known that a Golden Age would arrive on Earth, for whom they feel deep love and affinity, and then they would live among the rest of the enlightened people; and they love family life, so the same souls keep returning. Mother, I know your question so I’ll answer it: The soul’s new personage, the infant, comes with and retains fourth or fifth density intelligence and spiritual clarity; and the fact that there is little change in experiencing during the Earth lifetime—that is, virtually no opportunity for soul growth—is not an issue because the cumulative soul’s evolvement comes with its personages throughout the universal continuum who are living in civilizations more advanced than fourth and fifth. Yes, I know this brings us back to the confusion of “soul,” so again I tell you that in time, you will know the simplicity of the Oneness of All.

S: OK, dear! We’ve reached the space limit. Is there something short you’d like to add?

MATTHEW: Please keep foremost in your thoughts that God loves all souls unconditionally, as do all of us at this station, and we also respect and honor you as the brightly shining beautiful souls you are. We are One.



Suzanne Ward


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