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CEO of BBS Radio
Friday, November 21, 2008 01:43 pm

I don\'t drive (to do my part helping the environment) - for over 5 years.

I live more frugally then anyone can imagine. All of my employees and partners receive 30-100% more pay, etc... then myself. In fact, after 10 years, being a major owner in two companies, and many more in the past, I still live far below poverty (not even close to the poverty line).

I could garner immense wealth for myself, but I don\'t (because it would not benefit others).

I can\'t understand why everyone doesn\'t help in this manner.

I am one of the few people that beleives, if you can accomplish 10 times as much work in 1/10th the time, that doesn\'t mean you should get 10 times the pay. Everyone should get equal pay for equal hours worked (everyone, including the President of the U.S.).

I absolutely abhor inequality (and the idea of some getting more than others).

Lance, It\'s good to know you do your best to help!

: For over 20 years, I\'ve been a giver. 30% of all my income and stocks
: etc, in some cases 50% of my wealth goes to others (gifts, without
: expectation). This includes 100s of people overall (90% outside of
: family).

: All my efforts lean toward others. If my efforts aren\'t of benefit, then
: I don\'t do it (period).

: WHY?

: Because others are just an extension of youself.