H.R. = HIM Radio

H.R. = HIM Radio
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TNT MadDog
Thursday, December 29, 2005 01:36 pm


You are a most extremely interesting man my friend. Your posts and wit are in rare form (or rarely in form.... or form rarely.... rarely form or)

I often sit back and contemplate your musings...... and get the impression YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN RADIO SHOW!!!!!!

That being said. EMAIL ME at contact@bloginservice.com and lets get you on the air!

Just a thought..... and I\'m game if you are .........

: This is all just coming to me as \'scenario\' at the moment, BUT...

: That cricketer I mentioned was \'my\' contender for the Maitreya.

: He has been for a few years.

: And just now, while thinking about his \'shufflings\'. I took the time to
: have a look at his alliances a bit closer...

: And I\'ll be dammed...

: He has got the numbers to pull it off.

: The other dude in the Caucasian Mountains has, and always will be, the
: number one \'bad guy\'... He is not Lucifer, but he is just like the
: devil in the flesh.

: Take my word for it... Its HIM.

: That Scot/French/ Belgian is a decoy of some sort.

: Now I\'ve been watching, but not totally understanding the \'battle\' that
: seems to be going on silently within the power structures of the
: various brotherhoods... And I mistakenly thought that it was just the
: way they were.

: Part of my mistake was caused by me not taking into account the actual
: \'numbers\' that were possible in an allegiance...

: The \'numbers\' are important if one is going to take that HIM fella on...

: Coz HIM\'s got the power... He\'s had it for a long time.

: The \'cricketer\' (and his friends) didn\'t have the power due to the
: \'numbers\' involved. And \'esoterically\', the \'levels\' involved.

: But when going over \'old ground\' with regards to the \'cricketer\'. I
: started to wonder \"Why ?\" is he doing that. ???

: In that last post I wrote, was the first time that I had put the two
: fellows \'in the same paddock\' (mentally, as it were)

: I was out in the shed thinking about the two of them. And something kept
: nagging at me... \"Why don\'t they fit together ?\"... On and
: on and on...

: Then it hit me.

: Cause they are diametrically opposed.

: They fit, but they don\'t... (if you know what I mean) That is when I
: realised that \'He\' is going to take HIM on...

: I hope to Christ that he knows that by now...

: Yeahh... he must... (kidding) ... He must of course. (I hope ?)

: Anyway. It looks like its been a long term plan within the brotherhoods.
: (and all of those type of mobs)

: That is what all of the weird stuff with Diana and Clinton etc, was
: about.

: Shuffling the \'deck\'... Covert alliances etc.

: This \'Battle\' will split TPTB right up the middle.

: Keep your eyes on Sharon and Chenney and alike... They are with HIM...

: Its going to be just like the old days... (its already started)... Two
: brothers fighting...

: \'He\', it seems, IS for JUSTICE....

: I thought that was just a masquerade... But when you bring in the
: \'esoterics\' of the word into the show, it spells ACTION.

: \'He\' has got the \'troops on the Ground\'. (the inherent \'good guys\' in
: low places)... (many in numbers)

: And HIM, has got the \'troops in the Air\'. The \'bad guys\' in high places.
: (not so many, but pull a lot of strings)

: So it looks like its Set.

: I am glad about that.. Because for a while there I thought I was going
: to have to take HIM on...

: Stuff that.

: I was dreading the thought.

: I am too busy.

: Battling the Tot.

: Every time the Tot uses one of those big words at me. I gotta stop...
: Look it up in the dictionary...

: Before I know whether to take offence, or the gate.

: Anyhow... It is going to be difficult to stay out of the way of this
: fight between \'He\' and HIM.

: Hey ! ............. I got a good \'esoteric\' word for you.

: And it spells...


: HR

: PS... I am going to have to get a new \'code book\'...This one is just
: about worn out.