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Zany Mystic
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 02:10 pm


Today is Earth Day. I thought about doing all kinds of different things in celebration, but am choosing to keep it simple. Many sites encourage doing this or that, and they are all wonderful suggestions. Do a Google on Earth Day to see what\'s available, if you don\'t feel \"inspired\".

However, today I\'d like to suggest that we remember our deep connection with all life, that everything is living, and is interconnected through a fabric of love and light. We can remember to channel a bit of love through our bodies back into the wonderful Earth that has, and does, give us life.

Before I\'m \"crucified\" for spouting New Age gobbledy gook, think about it for a moment. What is the glue that holds everything together? Science is now ready to accelerate atoms in the new \"smasher\" which could possibly create a black hole. They seek the \"God Particle\". Most quantum physicians today agree that there are at least 10 dimensions, and numerous \"string theories\" have been touted as explanations.

Dark matter comprises most of our \"known\" Universe. Yet, we have all universes available to us right here, right now, today...this very moment. Our connection to the Earth, call her Gaia, Terra, or just \"MOM\", has been eroded in our need to \"survive\". We are becoming disconnected from the Source of everything; our food, air and water. These we have poisoned.

It\'s our own doing. So, one suggestion is to simply attempt in your own way, in whatever way \"feels right\", be it a walk outside on a lunch break, calling in sick and driving through the country or to the beach, or in some other form of celebration; yes, even sex is a great celebration of life!

However we all choose to remember our connection to All That Is, we are all family and we can begin to heal this planet by loving one another, being kind, compassionate, and caring for those in need. Years ago, when I lived in San Francisco, there were often people camped out in front of a store, dog and backpacks in tow. Rather than throwing money at them or ignoring them, I\'d buy milk, bread, some candy or snacks, and pass it on. It\'s called \"random acts of kindness\".

It\'s random, because most of us are not destined to be Mother Theresa!

So, we can do what we can, from the heart, with no expectations of any return. Simply doing what\'s RIGHT: compassionate caring for each other. That \"other\" person could be me, you, or it could be an ANGEL with a blessing for you!

When we look at one another, let\'s see the God within... the spark of Divinity, which connects us all. The personality, ego, and desires are all transient in nature. And, in nature...touch something living and speak to it; everything has a spirit; granted, a \"nature spirit\", but it is all spirit and at those levels, we do and can communicate.

Whatever we do today can be \"carried forward\" into our daily lives, incorporated as a positive contribution to our human family. Enjoy the day!

Zany Mystic

P.S. I fed the cats and birds, gave them love, and HUGGED several trees! It\'s a start...