Ha ha that's funny Jack! I hadn't heard of Andreas Moritz. Thanks for the head's up.

Ha ha that's funny Jack! I hadn't heard of Andreas Moritz. Thanks for the head's up.
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Saturday, March 05, 2016 08:39 am

I hadn’t heard of Andreas Moritz. Thanks for the head’s up.

I’d like to share two new (to me) things I started doing this year.

I’ve been using the Ultimate Zapper for almost a month. Being an “old”manjr, so to speak, for the past 20+ years emptying my bladder has been a big issue. The force of the stream has diminished. I took supplements and the one I’ve been on for several years now has worked but not as well as I’d have liked. The kicker is this, since I started using the Ultimate Zapper the flow improved somewhat.

For the past week I’ve been drinking structured water  and the flow has been improved so much I stopped taking the supplement. I am now empting my bladder like I was when 30 years younger. The structured water is making a huge difference for me.

I also now water my plants with structured water. In three days I saw new looking plants with larger leaves and stronger stems. I will admit adding an inch of new soil to the pots also helped.

There is a video at this site that really woke me up. I didn’t know water molecules could clump together. Red blood cells can do the same thing. Having such happen won’t kill you but it does diminish your health to some extent and over decades you pay a price.

To get into a capillary, red blood cells have to move in single file. Clumps of red blood cells won’t make it. If we expect our cells to be hydrated, then water molecules can’t be clumped together.

Looks like the structured water is declumping the water molecules in me and I experience better kidney function and bladder performance at the cellular level. I am surprised at how quickly positive changes occur.

For structuring water, I use the portable unit and I just read of a new use. Some people now place the portable unit on their mouth and repeatedly breathe in deeply. It is said that people with breathing and/or stress issues notice relief of symptoms. I doubt using the unit that way would ever have occurred to me. But it is good to know. I wasn\'t breast fed. I’ve had seasonal allergies all my life and am allergic to cats, dogs, perfumes and pollution. Cuts down on the social circle but what can I do? If this works on my lungs, I’ll definitely know.

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