Gut Feelings May Lead to Errors

Gut Feelings May Lead to Errors
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Robert Alford Darby
Monday, January 12, 2009 01:07 pm

- Gut Feelings -

I have not seen any calendars in heaven although there may be some sort of time accounting system. Prior to the 2004 Presidential Election I felt that either an Earth Change (New Madrid snap or pole shift or state sponsored domestic terrorism) or Terrorist Activity would cause the election to be postponed or skipped and, based on that “feeling,” I sent the following E-mail to my media list. My “feelings” were wrong in this instance.

So now I do not have complete self-confidence in my “feelings.” Sometimes I do get it wrong. Just thought I would share this error/mistake with all who read my BBS TNT postings.

Not only was there a stolen election in 2004, there was a theft free election in 2008.

I must say that the mistake may have weakened my credibility somewhat. In any event I just misunderstood the message received.

No November Election
Friday, September 17, 2004 03:44PM

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No November Election

I have been saying to those who prognosticate about the coming Presidential Election that it will not happen. No election this November due to natural disasters (Look up the root meaning of this word and you will discover it means some event caused by an astral body.) or nationwide terrorist attacks that places either FEMA or USDHS in power as the government of The United States of America.

Either one of these governments could impose martial law.

Few people are aware that, at the federal law is maritime or admiralty law. Check this out and you will be surprised at who will run the country should nationwide natural calamity or terrorism is so widespread that the individual states cannot handle the situation.

I say, No election and a one agency government may be in power by November.

All it takes is a really big natural event or widespread terrorist activity and with the stroke of the presidential pen;

Admiralty Law.

PS The text has been edited for clarity and to remove my typos, RAD