GUNS and BUTTER - new Blog entry from Jessica Murray *LINK*

GUNS and BUTTER - new Blog entry from Jessica Murray *LINK*
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Zany Mystic
Sunday, September 27, 2009 04:48 pm

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Guns and Butter
Neither the right nor the left wants to talk about Afghanistan.

The staunchest supporters of Obama\'s military policies right now are Republicans, and they sure don\'t want to come out in favor of this president at this moment. Meanwhile, three-fourths of Congressional Democrats oppose the war, and they\'re trying just as adamantly to avoid coming out against him.

But what is going on in Afghanistan? Is it a \"war?\" Washington would like the American public to think of the bloody chaos over there as a war, because the term is nice and neat. It connotes a unified, WWII-like national enterprise, with a beginning and an end. Or at least a conflict with two discrete sides. The movie \"Charlie Wilson\'s War\" must\'ve been quite a setback for this PR campaign.

What that movie didn\'t show, however, though it should be obvious to anyone who\'s even vaguely familiar with Uncle Sam\'s ways and means, is that our government\'s interest in Afghanistan has to do with the control of resources and strategic territory. Equally obvious, at this point even to most of the American public, is the fact that the Karzai \"government\" is nothing but a cobbled-together posse of warlords and opium kingpins; whose recent ludicrously corrupt election is just another CIA-staged charade (a charade which provoked barely a whisper of protest from those same US pundits who hit the roof condemning Iran for election fraud).

You really have to wonder whether the tired old saw about \"preparing these people for democracy\" is really the best Washington spin-meisters can come up with, six bitter years after that lie was spun about Iraq. And forty years after the fall of the puppet regime in South Vietnam, whose toadies scrambled to flee in that helicopter on the roof of the embassy in Saigon -- remember that photograph? Talk about ignoble departures -- when the native Vietnamese resistance had at last prevailed.

Just as native resistance is prevailing now in Afghanistan. Indeed, throughout recorded history native resistance has prevailed in Afghanistan.

So this issue is especially tricky for the \"liberals\". (By this I guess I mean \"Obama supporters.\" You couldn\'t really call this group leftists. Over the past decade the USA has moved so far to the right that the left is where the center used to be.) Way too many of these folks seem to be still cleaving to the clear-cut battle lines that were drawn last November, when you were either Blue-State or Red-State and that was that. Simple as pie. By this logic, if Obama was backing a war, you had to back it, too. (Just look what happened to At least Obama has been consistent on this point. He\'s always supported the occupation of Afghanistan. On the campaign trail he used it to try to woo hawks away from Bush.

What a difference a year makes. Surely only the most obtuse Obamamaniacs can believe any longer in their hero\'s war program; though their moment of truth is being postponed by the sturm und drang of health care reform which has swept every other topic off the national stage.

For this we can thank the rabid right, who decided that the healthcare hot potato was their best bet to rally the ranks and elbow their way back to the top. This has left the Obamophiles with no option but to circle the wagons. With all their energy being pumped into defending their leader against attacks that grow more vicious and idiotic by the week, Obama\'s fans are off the hook, for a little while longer, as regards his foreign policy.

But when this group snaps out of their reverie and starts searching their consciences, they\'ll see, staring them in the face, another Viet Nam: a war many Obama supporters doubtless spent their youths earnestly opposing.

The fact that they were both carried out on a Democratic president\'s watch is not the only similarity between these two Asian wars.

The Taliban was assembled by the CIA under Carter, and armed under Reagan, to defeat the Russians (whose invasion of Afghanistan was itself partly due to the CIA\'s successful efforts to draw the Soviets into a costly, messy war). Once assembled and armed, the Taliban outgrew their manipulators. They will probably come to be perceived by the American left as the Viet Cong came to be perceived: as guerrilla fighters.

And as has been proven time and time again, nationalist guerrilla movements are nothing if not resilient. Counter-intuitively but quite predictably, they tend to win wars against superpowers; which eventually lose too much money, blood and face to keep fighting.

Under Bush, 700 Americans died in Afghanistan.
Last month was the deadliest month of the whole 8 years. At the current casualty rate, by 2011 more than 1,000 more troops will die in Afghanistan\'s forbidding mountains and rocky plains.
Civilian deaths will be in the tens of thousands.
And then there are the refugees.

When the Obama folks wake up, they\'ll find it doesn\'t work to rationalize Afghanistan along party lines. If they respond at all, people are going to have to respond in a more informed way and from a deeper part of themselves. This is part of the plan, as transit trackers will have noticed. Saturn (responsibility) and Uranus (awakening) have shuffled the deck several times since they first opposed last November.

Then there are the Americans who seem untroubled by the millions of people being killed, maimed and made homeless as a result of their government\'s violence, but are waxing irate about its spending. It may be the money angle that rouses this crowd against the war. So far they have been confining their ire to the issue of health care funding, apparently not giving a thought to the impact on the national debt of the tax-dollar-sucking black hole that is Afghanistan.

This strange conceptual disconnect in the collective mind serves an important role. It supports the unofficial financial strategy that keeps the USA status quo afloat: that great elephant-in-the-middle-of-the room of the American system, the military-industrial complex. For the USA to wage continuous war is not some random unfortunate pattern; it is the whole point. The truly distressing thing is that the US public seems, on some level of consciousness, to realize this, and, appallingly, to accept it.

This is where Pluto comes in, the key player now and in the years ahead; especially as regards the USA chart, about which I have written elsewhere. It is the Plutonian industries -- the death merchants (the Pentagon brass, the mercenaries they employ, the arms brokers they do business with) -- who flourish in this set up. Pluto governs those powers that lurk in the shadows behind a country\'s official stories about itself. One doesn\'t hear much in the media about defense contractors, who have been raking it in since the \"War on Terror\" began.

The US signed weapons agreements valued at $37.8 billion in 2008. This is 68% of all business in the global arms market place, up significantly from the year before. And that\'s just the sales end. Uncle Sam was also at the top of the list of buyers.

It would be hard to understand why this gargantuan slice of the American economy gets so little press... if we didn\'t know what we know about Pluto. This is the planet that specializes in horrors too ugly to look at. But its opposition to the US Sun Cluster will make this big, nasty piece of the American pie increasingly difficult to conceal. As the entity that is the USA approaches its Pluto Return in the second house of money, the nation\'s breakdown is being played out financially.

America is broke. It doesn\'t have the funds to keep buying both guns and butter. We can hardly maintain the gutted and stripped social programs we have now. We certainly won\'t be able to afford the war in Afghanistan too.

Neither can Obama afford it on a political level. Unless his fans get their hero up to speed in a hurry, he will lose a big fat chunk of his constituency when the American peace movement arises from its beauty sleep.

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