'Ghost Points'

'Ghost Points'
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 12:58 pm

First off, three cheers to me beloved Dr. TCM whom passed last night as I was dancing to cheesy old techno (just like I knew he would). May he find Peace.

Secondly, if anyone out there knows an olde skool Dr. TCM, ask him or her about the supposedly \'mythical\' ghost points. When I had the technique done, which involves 13 hot needles with the final one placed in the wee flap beneath the tongue (no it didn\'t even sting a bit), I literally \'coughed\' up a \'ghost\'. It made me sit bolt upright as a gasp of foulness ejected itself from my ????? lungs, Spirit, Soul? I don\'t know where it came from, and neither did my lover whom had it done right after me.
Highly recommended....