'Get Ready NOW !' says Steve Quayle *LINK*

'Get Ready NOW !' says Steve Quayle *LINK*
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Friday, September 02, 2005 01:18 am

From: \"Larry W. Taylor\"
Date: Fri Sep 2, 2005 3:14 am
Subject: \'Get Ready NOW !\' says Steve Quayle
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This Thursday, Sept. 1st, has been a very somber day. I talked with
Zeph Daniel, Steve Quayle and Stewart Best on the phone today.
We discussed the news & reports that have been coming to us all.
We all get some Intel from other sources....some spiritual and
some natural.

Firstly, if you are concerned of this time-frame Zeph indicated as
mid-August to end of December [of which I agree] then be concerned
with your SOUL and any preps that are needed in that area make them
and exhort family members too! The many that perished in Katrina can
no longer prepare their SOUL. But you can!

Secondly, as Stan Deyo indicated today on Steve\'s Q-Files; there is
almost no time left to prepare in the natural for trouble & disaster
in this nation, as Deyo reported the hundreds of small quakes that
are swarming under California..And something is happening under the
US West Coast? Stan Deyo and many others are telling people to leave
California, but few are listening.
Stan & Holly Deyo\'s website:
has much
preparation information.

Thirdly, Steve Quayle, who has prayed that God would at least let
him give Warning of days or weeks on his Q-Files, before it hits the
fan, so to speak --- well, today; Steve Quayle told anyone that had
a good distance to go to a safe spot or area, because of gasoline
availability, food in stores, etc. GO NOW !!! And to the others that
anything can happen in the next few days or couple of weeks. Don\'t
get caught short because of the difficulty of getting where you
want to go...Give yourself the time, gasoline, and ability of
travel to get to your safe place. If you are staying in place, then
use time wisely to top off supplies while available...Keep listening
to Q-Files while it\'s on the air for other information............
Steve Quayle\'s Website:

Stewart Best Website or Updates:

Zeph Daniel Website & Channel Z:

This Nation and the World is in terrible danger. I\'m not trying to
scare anyone, but just stress the seriousness of the times........!

Larry Taylor

Sept. 1, 2005 10:10pm Central