'Germany fighting' = Misleading Disinfo. Ruling Zionist Occupants of Postwar Germany are afraid of the truth. Eichmann as half-Jew was their best asse...

'Germany fighting' = Misleading Disinfo. Ruling Zionist Occupants of Postwar Germany are afraid of the truth. Eichmann as half-Jew was their best asset but he knew too much. His finger gesture!
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Thursday, April 08, 2010 02:06 pm

Your preface is right on top!

\'Der Spiegel\' (= mirror, of what?) IMO is licensed and controlled by London Rothschilds. A mouthpiece of freemasons, liars, hypocrites and postwar traitors. Sorts of \'Sun\' tabloid for wannabe intellectuals who avoid own thinking and pefer to swim like dead fish with the mainstream. As usual.

There was no postwar justice in Germany after 1945. Many ex top party members of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) were recycled and soon again in top positions. Only true German patriots were prosecuted and sentenced aka silenced. Nuremberg Trials was a laughable third class farce of pseudo justice. Allied Criminals played God and sought revenge for those who dared to expose and oppose them as loyal fighters for their homeland.

Tens of thousands of books have been banned and burnt after 1945, many of them were published before Hitler came to power in 1933. So what?

The National Socialist Movement is much older than the Third Reich, it was hijacked and exploited by Goebbels, Hitler and gang, the German people taken in custody by agents paid and put in place by foreign Jewish bankers, for example Warburg, Loeb & Co. The chief of the Reichsbank Hjalmar Schacht was never taken into account for his actions.
Without the support of foreign Jewish Zionist bankers AND without the support of the Catholic Church there would have been no 13 years of 3rd \'Roman Reich of German Nation\' started in nineteen-33 - and there would be no Israel as well. There\'s enough evidence to show how the Third Reich was meant to become a revival of the \'Holy Roman Empire of German Nation\'.

Things went out of control with Russia when the International Bolsheviks didn\'t succeed as been told from New York, from my perspective.

The joint attempt to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire in Europe reaching
from Ireland to Israel, from Portugal to Russian Ural and from Sicily to Norway nevertheless is still in the making but will only be intermediate as Alan Greenspan once put it.

Antisemitism is Zionist\'s best weapon to herd Molech\'s sheeple.

I could name you some original sources but you would have to learn German. Not all forbidden books have been caught. Some reappeared on flea markets, some were handed from family to family, others were saved by relatives abroad, some are only allowed for \'scientific research\'.

Others have been burnt, watered and destroyed \'accidentally\' by state authorities within the last decades within the perpetual \'Re-Education\',
a sugar coated term for mind control and brain cleansing.

Germany was not and is not what you are shown and told abroad.

You get closer to the truth if you \'mirror\' every piece of occupant disinfo
to the other side, so to say.

Enough said?

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