G'day Cliff. *PIC*

G'day Cliff. *PIC*
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Friday, February 03, 2006 06:51 am

G\'day Cliff.

Because of the way that I have seen the Fungal entity associated with the Reptilian entity... That is : Through visualizations... I am going to pursue that \'Fungus\' line of thought.

At the moment there are many \'other\' ways that this Fungal/Reptilian association has shown itself to me. But to explain that, is \'long winded\'.

There is, on a microbiological \'tree of life\', a side branch (or branch off) from fungal to reptilian... I had a copy of that, but it is lost in my old hard drive... You could look for that microbial link between Fungus and Reptilian if you like... But I am satisfied with what I found.

The point is, (for me) is that I have found the \'boss hog\' in the parasites encampment. And because I am able to see this \'critter\' as highly intelligent, and highly evolved, consciously. (that is... I am able to accept the idea), I am ABLE to to see its ability to use, and control other microbes for its own agenda.

I think \'other\' people have difficulty in seeing this because it goes way past what is known... PLUS... It goes way past what most people are prepared to face.

I cannot ascertain the amount of time this Fungus has been infecting all animal life on the planet. Except to say that if we are talking Mars. Then we are talking a minimum of 60,000 years.

Going through all of the ancient texts and civilizations, points to around this time frame... It could be longer... But that doesn\'t matter.

Even some of the stuff in the Old Testament section of the bible could be pointing in this direction.

I am not going to \'comb\' the ancient texts for proof... I don\'t need any proof... I am not trying to \'sell\' my theory.

Although one part of the bible where Yahweh (or YHVH) is saying to someone (?) that he (YHVH) will give dominion over all the animals, does sound a bit like what a fungal entity would, and could do...

When I first read that part of the bible, I thought to myself ... “Cheeky bugger.”... “Rather bold isn\'t he ?” (that is why that stuck in my mind for over 30 years... the boldness)

Now to getting down to brass tacks. (means that I have waked a long way on this subject)...

If one can suppose that I am correct. Then when one reads this statement :-

“Wild speculation, but what if the nocardia are either a symbiote with
\'something\' else inside them (or them inside the \'something\' else) &
they digest the tissue so that the \'something\' else can feed. “

Then one can see that the Fungus is the “\'something\' else inside them”... And as you may know, Fungus needs something to live off. Like... “they digest the tissue so that the \'something\' else can feed. “

So if \'someone\' doesn\'t look for the Fungus KNOWING what its capabilities are.... They probably won\'t find it... And if they did find it. They may overlook its role in all of the microbial symbiotics.

The penny dropped a short while ago with this half reptilian, half human image that I have managed to see (after about 2 or 3 years trying to get an image of it).

I suppose you would call the image, that of the “Dragon Lady\'... because that is what it looks like.

In the Sumerian texts I managed to translate some mistranslated stuff ... This was not anything to do with Fungus or reptilian... It was just a mistranslation that was made, and everyone since then has accepted the translation.

Because I spotted one incorrect part in the translations of the Sumerian texts. I was ABLE to ALLOW for others to show themselves.

Nephilim - Nefilim - Elohim - Annunaki stories to me, fits the \'glove\' of Fungus and human interaction.

A lot of the stories relate to what was happening inside the body of a human.

eg. The stepped pyramid and the sacred tablets atop of this stepped pyramid, is to me talking about something like the area in the brain that is known as the main switchboard... the hypothalamus... and all of the \'goodies\' (control centers) in there.

The base line is :-

Fungus NEEDS dead or dying matter to \'fix\' to...

Dead and dying matter can be produced by MANY mechanisms that are not beneficial to one\'s body, BUT they are there... (dead give away as to \'something\' is up to something)

Even negative thoughts would produce \'food\' for the Fungus... therefore, negative thoughts are encouraged by the use of various chemical neurotransmitters.

I have (in the not so distant past) been aware of a re-occurring thought that was happening over and over for about 12 months or so.... This was “I mean you no harm.”

I did not take much notice at first... thinking “What the hell is that talking about. And what is doing the talking (thinking).”

One day I \'clicked\' as to what was going on.

Since at the time I was engaged in an immune system \'revamp\'. I saw this as some sort of microbe in the body that was giving off the signal... “I mean you no harm”

So I ordered my body to \'stand guard\' next to all of those microbes that gave of the signal “I mean you no harm.”... And then I asked my immune system to \'de-cloak\' (take off the outer amino acid membrane) off a few hundred or so of those microbes and see what was inside. (you are allowed to do this... congress have not passed a law against this practice... as yet)

Then identify whether or not they are of my body\'s system, and conducive to the proper function of the health of the whole body.

And even if they appeared to be OK. I ordered that my body\'s immune system to dismantle what was inside these cloaked microbes, with the intention of looking for a parasitic organism. (even a spore)

Destroying a few hundred would not hurt myself,considering there is billions of them.

Then I told my body to have a GOOD LOOK at these things... the dead ones, as well as the live ones... To look at what these live ones were doing, and where were they \'set up\'.

And right now I am reeducating what you might call my \'immuno-globins\', so as to correct this evasive invasion of some sort of predator microbe.

And my money is still on the Fungus known as :-
Psilocybe Strophariaceae : cubensis; cyanescens; semilanceata : Panaeolus : campanulatus; subbalteatus (or a variant thereof)

Here is a list of suspects :-

Humanity\'s use of mushrooms extends back to Paleolithic times. Few peope-even anthropologists-comprehend how influential mushrooms have been in affecting the course of human evolution. Musrhooms have played pivotal roles in ancient Greece, India and Mesoamerica. Try to their beguiling nature, fungi have always elicited deep emotional responses: from adulation by those who understand them to outright fear by those who do not..
Aristotle, Plato, and Sophocles all participated in religious ceremonies at
Eleusis where an unusal temple honored Demeter, the Goddess of Earth. For over two milennia, thousands of pilgrims journeyed fourteen miles from Athens to Eleusis, paying the equivalent of a month\'s wage for the privilege of attendind the annual ceremony. The pilgrimgs were ritually harassed on their journed to the temple, apparently in good humor.

Upon arriving at the temple, the gathered in the initiation hall, a great
telestrion. Inside the temple, pilgrims sat in rows that descended step=wise
to a hidden, central chamger from which fungal concoction was served. An odd feature was an array of columns, beyond any apparent structural need, whose designed purpose escaped archaeologists. The pilgrims spend the night together and reportedly came away forever changed. In this pavilion crowded with pillars, ceremonies occurred, known by historians as the Eleusian Mysteris. No revelation of the ceremony\'s secrets could be mentioned under the punishment of imprisonment or death. These ceremonies continued until repressed in the early centuries of the Christian era.

In 1977, at a mushroom conference on the Olympic Peninsula, R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, and Carl Ruck first postulated, that the Eleusinian mysteries centered on the use of psychoactive fungi. Their papers were later published in a book entitled The Road the Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries (1978). That Aristotle and other founders of western philosophy undertook such intellectual adventures, and that this secret ceremony persisted for neary 2,000 years, underscores the profound impact that fungal rites have had on the evolution of western conciousness.

With :-
“ That Aristotle and other founders of western philosophy undertook such intellectual adventures, and that this secret ceremony persisted for nearly 2,000 years.”...

I can see that there has been some sort of acknowledgment that there is some ORGANIZED communion with this Fungal entity...

Me thinks that there has been, and IS to much of this going on with, and in the circles of TPTB.

So while some people may be looking at the microbes, such as the Morgellons, or the \'Fiber\' disease (which I think are just \'slaves\' of the fungal entity)

I am getting rid of what ever they is.

They call themselves “I mean you no harm”

But you don\'t have to know what they are called, to \'get rid\' of them.