G20 Discussions and Zetatalk *PIC*

G20 Discussions and Zetatalk *PIC*
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Sunday, April 12, 2009 02:06 pm

G20 Discussions
The G20 was established on Aug 20/03. 19 countries & European Union meet to discuss the world\'s financial health. This year, they had a lot to discuss!

G-20 Major Economies
The G-20 is a group of finance ministers/central bank governors from 20 economies: 19 of the world\'s largest national economies, plus the European Union. It also met twice at heads-of-government level, in November 2008 and again in April 2009. Collectively, the G-20 economies comprise 85% of global gross national product, 80% of world trade and two-thirds of the world population.
On the surface, the G20 addressed attempts to restart the world\'s struggling economies and shore up the world\'s struggling banking systems. They also announced that they discussed greater regulation of the financial sector, to avoid disasters like the recent sub-prime housing disaster.

G-20 Pumps 1 Trillion into Beating Recession
April 2, 2009

Leaders of the world\'s largest economies agreed on Thursday to a package worth more than $1 trillion to tackle the global economic crisis. The deal agreed by the leaders of the world\'s largest economies included reform of the international banking system and the injection of more than $1 trillion into the world financial system. There had been concerns that a rift was opening up between the approach being championed by the U.S. and Britain - more economic stimulus - and that favored by France and Germany - more banking regulations. The six-point plan includes banking reform measures and more than $1 trillion to be spent on restoring credit, growth and jobs, as well as measures clamping down on tax havens and a commitment to build a green and sustainable economy.

Much of the G-20 communique issued at the end of the London summit restated promises and goals that international leaders had made earlier. Brown said: \"I think a new world order is emerging and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation.\" Along with existing national stimulus measures, Brown said efforts to bolster economies amounted to more than $5 trillion. The G-20 members will also establish a new Financial Stability Board to provide \"early warning of macroeconomic and financial risks.\"
The G20 is also rumored to have discussed a one world currency, a matter covered by our March 29, 2009 newsletter. Beyond a one world currency, they apparently also discussed a \"new world order\", per Prime Minister Brown\'s comments above. Conspiracy theorists are no doubt shuttering at the thought that the G20 is getting huggy with the concept of a new world order, long viewed to include the enslavement of humanity by the elite. Per the Zetas, the banking industry is the party who would be most interested in such a control structure, as world control would eliminate any chance the common man could escape the grasp of their creditors!

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Who are those attempting to establish the New World Order? The banking industry, first and foremost, as finances are such a fragile thing. Finances are built only upon faith. In fact, they have no substance whatsoever. All those high paid salaries - poof! All that chatter about the value of this stock or that, the carefully monitored stock and bond listings, it is all just so much hot air. They are talking about nothing. They fear the populace will wake up to that. One must realize that bankers and stock brokers and bond dealers do not have alternative professions. There are only so many accountants employable, and most work for little pay and under pressure to be exacting. Who needs overpaid hot air bags? What would happen to their world if people stopped thinking that their hard earned savings were safe and secure in their hands? The crash of 1929, for one. Bankers jumping out of windows, as the thought of having to do an honest days work was just to much to bear.

Given that heads of state were in attendance, and given that the Earth changes caused by Planet X are on the increase, inquiring minds want to know if any other topics were discussed at the G20 meeting?

Question: Did the heads of state talk about Planet X and the cover-up during the G20 summit? Did they share any new information?

ZetaTalk Comment 4/4/2009: We have mentioned previously that the touchy subject of the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system and pending passage are most often discussed during face-to-face meetings. This is because phone conversations, however secure, or written message, however secure, can be intercepted and broadcast to the populace at large. This is the fear. Thus, a meeting such as the G20 is an ideal opportunity for those face-to-face meetings.

We have previously mentioned that only the major countries were in the know decades ago, but that this changed during the Bush administration. After invading Iraq, Bush met with many heads of state ostensibly to mend fences over the war. This was not the whole agenda, obviously. The stunned look on many faces during photo ops showed that something stunning was discussed. Many countries were informed, had to be because the Second Sun was showing dramatic second sunrise or sunsets around the world. These countries were told that Planet X would pass uneventfully, except perhaps for high tides or a few quakes, and that the real danger was from panic in the public.

Since that time, not much has changed. The degree to which the Earth changes have picked up are hidden from all but the most technological country\'s heads of state. The USGS lies about the number of quakes and the magnitude. The US and Russia collude to lie about a satellite crash over Siberia and problems with the ISS. NASA and JPL lie about what their probes are finding. But the heads of state do understand that the economies of the world will not improve as long as drought and deluge and imploding buildings continue. Food shortages are acute. All economies are struggling.

So regardless of whether this is posited as Earth changes due to the presence of Planet X or posited as problems with the economy, the issues are the same. Thus, these were the issues discussed during the G20, not Planet X specifically. To the extent that Planet X was discussed, it was to confirm that things were the same as the last time discussed, no changes.

Perhaps we should call the 2009 meeting of the G20 the G21, as yet another interested party showed up - an array of 9 UFO\'s, all in 3 neat rows! This was captured quite by accident by Google Earth\'s new Street View facility.