'Freedom: Are you a Freedom-Seeker?' - Full Movie

'Freedom: Are you a Freedom-Seeker?' - Full Movie
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 05:46 am
Pieter-Jan Ardies is a Belgian filmmaker

who interviewed people from all walks
of life and from several countries about
the subject of Freedom; what it means


and how to achieve it. It\'s good to see
what freedom means to people from


different nationalities.

The Egyptian man interviewed said that
having enough food and a place to live
would be freedom to him - Americans


were looking for more freedom of expression.

There\'s even an unexpected and brilliant
interview from fellow Belgian, Robert Bauval,


who appeared in last night\'s film with Graham

Hancock about the search for the \"Lost Civilization.\"

I think this is a good cultural exploration
of a topic of deep concern to all humans -
and one that you\'d most likely not see


anywhere else, in the US. Enjoy!
Video (about 72 mins):
\'Freedom: Are you a Freedom-Seeker?\' - Full Movie

- Alexandra

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