Far-out message from Stuart Wilde: How to morph & see the Holy Grail

Far-out message from Stuart Wilde: How to morph & see the Holy Grail
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Sunday, August 13, 2006 02:26 am

Wednesday, Aug 02, 2006

New Article from Stuart Wilde

Dear Friends,

Here’s a bit about the Morph doorway and the month at the French castle I think you might it find interesting, sincerely SW.

Come Now…If You Can

Stuart Wilde

I’ve said in the past be tender and warm and be patient and our time will come.

The hidden door that I have searched for over the last twenty-five years finally appeared. At first, I just looked through it and I documented what are now 40,000 visions. It showed me dimensions, Gaia, the souls of animals, the mirror-worlds and the destiny of our little planet. Then I got up and stood near the door and I saw a very important vision that showed me how I could show these strange and mysterious things to others, even if they had no experience or training at all.

I knew our time has come. The age of the scattered Camelots is soon upon us. I’ll explain.

Recently, I did five workshops at an old castle in France and sixty people from the Stuie Wilde Internet email “A” list showed up. It was exciting to meet people from the other end of the Internet phone lines. There were a few real warriors amongst the attendees.

I showed them the Morph and the doorway that’s just yards off the end of your fingertips at 90°, it takes a while to understand that. Then I showed them the vortex at the entrance that guards the Holy Grail and the hidden Camelots. It’s also a little hard to comprehend at first, because it is only about one inch across at this time. The doorway leads to the Grail castle and bliss.

But everyone saw it bit-by-bit, and then I showed each of the participants how to place one fingertip into that vortex, and they saw the end of their finger elongate and dematerialize. The door is surrounded by a gravitation anomaly that tugs on you a bit, which is why your finger elongates.

If you see the Morph just once then you will always see it. It’s like those 3-D holographic pictures that have a hidden image in them. You look and look and see nothing, and then suddenly you can see flying birds say in the picture, and once you’ve seen them the first time and you know how to do it and you can see the hidden image every time.

Then I had the participants in France sit in a chair at the threshold of the Morph door. If you are in the Morph anomaly it dematerializes your upper body. It’s not scary. It evokes bliss. All sixty people dematerialized and blipped back twenty-to-thirty seconds later. Everyone watched the others do it one-by-one.

After that I showed them how to pull visions from the Morph, as that is the best way to become safe. Once you can see into the Morph you are no longer blind. Once you get the visions, it teaches you. It is a vast database that loves you and it has your best interests at heart.

If you are fed up with the hackneyed repetition of the old format and you long for a world that is fresh and new, the Morph will show you - it will carry you back home to the eternal bliss of the feminine spirit. Once you can see that, the Camelot dimensions I’ve written about will open for you, though that may take a few years.

If you can’t see the Morph or the Grail vortex it might be because you are not as warm and tender as you could be. It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to be a saint, and anyway, you can come to one of my gigs and I’ll show you, or you find someone else that knows and have them show you.

But you have to make a move now, no more dithering. We strived for the door for over two decades, but it won’t be there forever, one day it will close again. This is it - our chance finally arrived.

Taxi anyone?

All the best, Stuie Wilde

P.S. To get on the list for information about SW’s next: “See the Morph” 3-day workshop in Amsterdam, Holland on October 8-9-10th, please send an email to info@redeemersclub.com

P.P.S. If you are joining the Redeemer’s Club in the next month or so, this three-day event in Holland in October comes to you free of charge, if you care to attend. But we would still like you to email us at the address above and let us know to reserve a place for you.

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