Far and Wide: The Commencement of the Great Awakening

Far and Wide: The Commencement of the Great Awakening
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Saturday, December 01, 2007 04:16 pm

Having spent some time actually venturing out into the \'big room\' (vide: I left the damn farm) I found, quite to my amazement, that people are far, far more awake than I had assumed. Meeting fellow Paulites in vancouver and quickly spreading his meme to those who were not paying attention I saw the light gleam in more than a few eyes. Coming home yesterday then quickly heading down to the local Legion I sat and chatted with a trophy wife who poses as a mortgage broker.
We both tested the waters of each others knowledge on the inevitable collapse of the banking industry. I was astounded that not only did she know it was coming (in the form of a real estate market collapse) she stated quite emphatically that everyone she knows, knows! In fact, sitting in the last smoking room in BC as far as I know, most of the people who breezed by my throne knew. Everyone knows. Now, if everyone knows then why isn\'t there more of a kerfuffle? I think I know now why, because people want it to happen and are simply sitting back doing what they can to hedge themselves into position of usefulness for when it does go down.
We are doing an underground cinema night with 4 different curries and a beer special every second Wednesday now (I can\'t reveal the location!) and Freedom to Fascism, Endgame back to back in one night should jolt some of the denser units of our backwoods community into brighteyedness.
All in all, though my senses are still reeling from the EMF pollution of the big city, I\'d say we are entering the time of the great Awakening. Its quite grand to behold really. I\'ve planted seeds into the LA, CGI community (one of my best friends did the CGI for \'The Silversurfer\') about the FR and FRN\'s, Ron Paul and his \'weird\' ideas, the coming race riots and race wars planned for the US etc. Pretty strange how people can soak up so much info in such a short time. Whew.