F1 vs F2, Who's Winning With This One?

F1 vs F2, Who's Winning With This One?
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Thursday, July 26, 2007 02:50 pm

\"Weekly World News dies after 28 years of awesum, Bat Boy bummed
The final issue of Weekly World News is slated for August 3, 2007.
Lesbian Space Alien and Vegan Vampire Lady could not be reached for comment.

As you can see here, Bat Boy remains inconsolable.

SF Scope has more: Link 1, Link 2. WaPo: Link. Reuters: Link.

Reader Comment: Nathan Cobb, MD, says,

While the cover stories of the Weekly World News were always amusing, it was in reality a sleazy tabloid that used its fictional stories to protect itself from charges of libel and slander. Inside the stories were often adopted from real news and freely changed or embellished. I\'ll never forget being in the supermarket with my college roommates, picking up the WWN and laughing at the headlines - only to open up to an \"article\" on the recent murder of one of my relatives by a mentally ill handyman (in front of her two little children.) The crime was horrific; the fact-free hatchet job they did on her husband for opposing the death penalty was over the top. Good riddance.

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How is the CIA going to infiltrate the minds of trailer park people now? What\'s going on? Is this one of the F1 vs F2 things?