Eyes are everywhere, even beyond the conception to discuss

Eyes are everywhere, even beyond the conception to discuss
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Sunday, October 07, 2012 06:32 pm

I have seen many times angels, as example the angels around my brother David as my father passed.


my nephew in law was riding a 4 wheeler with his dad, at a hunting lodge,  he was nearly 8 years old as his father had him snuggled in front of him as driving the hunting trail.

My brother in law suffered a massave heart attack and smumpped over his son that was nearly age 8.

My nephew told me that night of his fathers passing as I was rubbing his back to calm him to sleep, he was going over the days trama, he said Aunt Cathy, after I got out from under daddy, and he did not move, I took off running through the woods trail,

and Aunt Cathy my ribs did not even hurt running so long and fast for help.

There were two angels holding both of my arms while I ran.

He goes on to say that there were 3 huge angels around his father that stayed while he went for help.

This is how he felt he could leave his father, because there were giant angels watching Daddy he stated.

I ask my nephew in law what they looked like, he said they were see through and almost as tall as the trees, but they were not as tall as the trees they were bright bright and looked that tall because they were so so bright.

One had long hair and a long beard he said with a stick in his hand like to lean on, the other was ...


its a given

inosense will alow one to see.


I stay very inosent and very child like, very nieve.

I see more than most and I know that no matter how hard or how intense one tries to find scoop on me 

they will continue to find TRUTH in Light...

I talk out loud as to know the story I am putting together for a script for my family, no need for a book of public display.

Heck today I was so tired of the game of others playing with their own (thinking they are mind controling) ha.

I said and purely meant it at the time

I am going to burn every writing and art, photos I have, there is no need to give such a gift for the world to study after I am gone, this world does not deserve my works, this human comsumption that has taken over more than most to play such pitty games of such thinking they are winning and playing a game with me is beyond ludicrist and is so irrehensible that it sickens me to no end. I will tell you this, it did and does work well into the story Script by the way.


Silly varments.

I just know with all my heart that no matter how hard one thinks they can know what another is thinking or doing in motives it is impossible to read the human heart. I am your prime example.

the tap is so silly that I realize how the play goes with my life and my world beyond obvious insinitives.

no matter what, the light wins


THE LIGHT can not bring the darkness to its light

the darkness has no oxygen or breath, it extinguishes light, ( think of a candle in a dark closet closed off, it will soon extinguish with out oygen right)

well, the darkness will continue to punch holes through the tent in which is a canvas for the ones below, on earth.

punch punch, make a hole ole darkness, go one, soon the tents canvas will have only pure light, due to so many holes punched into the tents canvas


the darkness goes to the light



soft smile

love you all so much.

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