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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 02:36 am

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Destroying the Critics Movement

Israel\'s attempt to destroy internet opposition is already well advanced. Increasingly, a host of saboteurs attack critics of Israel on the Internet.

    Spreading gossip and accusations, laying diversions and lanes to nowhere within the searchers and freethinkers, promoting mistrust and anxiety.

    Often representing themselves as conspiracy theorists who are profane, provocative and violent or often posing as liberals, as ardent Christians, as world improvers and new agers who pretend to be only out for peace and tolerance, to create social networks and to construct human chains on allegedly independent common grounds.

    Excelling as wildly irresponsible anti-Semites, right- and leftwing extremists, Muslims and neo-Nazis in order to confuse and frighten away gullible newcomers.

    Some of Cyber-Saboteurs\' trademarks are:

    • Ranting on infiltrated communities
    • Calling for imminent violence.
    • Cluttering search engines with disinformation.
    • Inciting religious and racial tensions.
    • Voting down good videos
    • as soon as they appear while voting up bad ones (Result: good videos languish from lack of interest).

Zionist internet terrorism, character assassination, and email hacking are growing in ferocity and arrogance.

Interception of Data Packages and Breaking Online Communities

The ongoing interception of many articles you write and send to me for posting is certainly a prime case in point....here\'s what I have to work against . Each story I select for publication is edited, formatted, etc., by yours truly, and then emailed to my webmaster for posting. To make certain he gets the stories I want placed on rense.com, I email each of them a total of *five* times. I send four of the copies to four *different* addresses that James maintains at four *different* IPs. I also send one email (the fifth one) - of each story back to myself via cc to be as sure as possible the emails were actually processed and delivered. What the Zionists (and perhaps others) do is clear. If they choose to block certain stories, they intercept all four of the emails through James\' four different email addresses… but they allow my own cc to be delivered back to my mailbox. This makes it appear to me that all five of the emails were processed correctly. Clever trick. We have run across this \'technique\' many, many times. So, in addition to blocking and destroying incoming email from very important writers like yourself, they are having a good time vaporizing outgoing stories I send to be posted at rense.com.

They are also quite capable of changing the content of emails which they so choose. Unfortunately, there are a lot more dirty tricks in their inventory*, which is clearly laid out in my article which can be read here:

\'Zionist Terror Attacks\'
on Rense.com and Rense Radio.\"

ZITAs - Zionist Internet Terror Attacks

* blaming forum hosts and internet service providers for the troubles they create or forcing hosts and providers to comply with their dictates, or else ...

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