Extreme weather in Central Europe flanked by inaccurate, unreliable forecasting. Weather warfare? Air poisoning?

Extreme weather in Central Europe flanked by inaccurate, unreliable forecasting. Weather warfare? Air poisoning?
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Sunday, May 29, 2016 03:36 pm

I got used to things that have not been there some decades ago:
Strange colors in the sky at dusk and dawn
pink and turquois
but only when chemtrail bombers were active.

Today you could feel the high tension in the air, it was like a battle between hot and cold airstreams, the clouds slowly came down and darkened the daylight, it was like a grey fog, then it started raining intensely, very big drops. I lay down on my back in the greenhouse. Just when I had closed my eyelids I saw a strong purple flash as if I had my eyes still open. What was this? A reflex? A hallucination?
My nerves going haywire? Ten seconds later there was the thunder, so I knew it was the light of the thunderbolt that had penetrated my closed eyelids. It must have been a very bright flash. Some minutes later, I was looking out of the window, there came the next flash, it was not as usual, not a flash between earth and sky, no, it was a flash that appeared to move and spread horizontally between the lower and the higher levels of the clouds above. It was very bright and surprisingly turned the lower dark clouds into purple!!!
Remembering me of late Prince\'s most famous song \"Purple Haze\". Amazing. Pink and turquois veils at dusk and dawn, purple flash lights. What\'s next?

Red rain?
Raining cats and dogs?
When the sky is clear and blue, the sun rays are so intense that fresh young sprouts visibly suffer and shrink, not because lack of water. When the sun is hidden by new \"veil clouds\" (chemtrails) then the damp sticky warm air is driven away by cold winds, some plants start to roll in their leaves. It\'s not normal. Plants enjoy the loads of water pouring down but they suffer from the extreme conditions. Is this all man made? Or is it related to extreme conditions in our solar system?
Also, remarkably often, severe stormy weather is concocting rather quickly in areas of importance, such as military bases, for example USAF in Ramstein or over big city areas. Is it related to the unnatural radiation energy from cellphone towers, LTE (Long Term Evolution, to what?) gigahertz gadgets and satellites? Seems to be so.
Electromagnetic poisoning of the atmosphere. What a progress!

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