'Explosive increase' in Ebola cases is feared as outbreak in Congo spreads to a CITY of 1 million and UN...refuses to tell you how to cope!

'Explosive increase' in Ebola cases is feared as outbreak in Congo spreads to a CITY of 1 million and UN...refuses to tell you how to cope!
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Saturday, May 19, 2018 04:31 pm

Serious news indeed! The Ebola virus is deadly, but it is still a just virus. Just a virus? Yep...just a virus! You can kill it fairly easily!

Get yourself a zapper, perhaps like the one here, the Ultimate Zapper at Admittedly that model has a cost but it is much less expensive for your family dealing with your death.

My first zapper was the old Don Croft zapper. Available from and/or affiliated folks at

I\'d go for the GOLD plated zapper (versus the copper version) as there is much less potential for skin irritation. You NEED to read the instructions for zappers carefully.

A 9 volt powered zapper can produce effective frequencies as long as the power is close to 9 volts. Running the battery down is a waste of time if you expect to kill pathogens.

Note: this winter\'s past flu season was tough on a lot of people. I used my Ultimate Zapper, but not as soon as I should have, so I suffered. I was disappointed in the effectiveness of the zapper as previous use produced rapid healing results. I found out that this season\'s flu virus was coated with a protein substance making it difficult to kill. I neglected to use the zapper frequently enough. The Ultimate zapper produces a frequency range that shakes the pathogens to pieces. These pieces can cause harm, so it is important to re-zap fairly frequently and do so for short periods like start at a minute or two...see how you feel...and gradually extend the duration ACCORDING to instructions. I made rapid progress zapping for 5 minutes every 20 minutes and doing such for a couple of hours. I repeated that protocol every four to five hours the first day...decreasing the frequency over the next few days.

I\'ve never read of medical authorities suggesting people use zappers. It is well documented how zappers function...do a Google search.

There are multiple zapper producers. Some will be scams of course because they do not offer an EFFECTIVE frequency range. Best to do your research before you have an immediate need. Good luck!

Zappers aren\'t the only thing that can help.

Suggest researching, John Ellis Water I have a machine because I can\'t afford to buy water from the company! Excellent water with multiple benefits! John Ellis Water would help diminish the Ebola problem in Africa.

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