Explanation Needed. I See Nothing in Mathew 24

Explanation Needed. I See Nothing in Mathew 24
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Jack McCracken
Saturday, October 01, 2005 01:22 pm

Could you explain the relevancy of Mathew 24 as I fail to make the connection.
Friend, Jack

: Sir: Read Matthew Chap.24 Watch the events in Israel!Global warming IS
: caused by man! Remember MT. Penatubo? When that blew it sent up 6 cubic
: miles of debris into the atmosphere!It was estimated at the time that
: more greenhouse gasses where thrown into the air than since the
: industrial revolution began!That happened in just e few moments !
: What we ended up with was e few cool summers and beautiful sunsets!We
: are in the end times as prophesied!We are reaping the harvest of
: kicking God out of the schools and courts!Abortion on demand!
: Excepting the Gay life-style as \"normal\".Yes what is
: befalling us is our fault,but it\'s not because we\'re driving too many
: SUV\'s

: Watcher