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TNT MadDog
Saturday, October 06, 2007 02:57 pm


I am one of the most tolerant, loving, kind, compassionate people you\'ll ever meet (or communicate with).

I can tolerate quite a bit.... however, when NEWS sent me a letter, out of the blue (referring to a past post)... it was so heavily laden with crass verbage, anger and outright nastiness that I was blown away. Fact is, I will not tolerate that sort of abuse via email .... EVER!!!!!

I will not post it, as it contains too much vulgarity and obscenity. Suffice it to say, NEWS took me to the limit of my patience and tolerance. I stand by my decision to remove his ability to post on this forum, or access any part of BBSRadio.com

Again, I allow most things, except where they are CONTINUOUSLY offensive to the point of insanity! I feel people have the right to voice their opinions, whatever they are..... as long as they are NOT a direct assault on others not deserving of such animosity! (such as myself)

Hope that helps you make up your mind as to whether you\'ll post here or not.

Please note: If we receive an apology and a promise from NEWS to abstain from such in the future.... we would be willing to remove the blocks..... but it would have to be quite the letter!!!!!!!