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TNT MadDog
Sunday, August 07, 2005 09:41 am

This was done very well. Again, I always appreciate your insight. It helps me to look at things in a new way. I don\'t know who you are Juan, but I am assuming you must be a scholar (professor). I can only assume you work in the educational arena, for your literary skills and depth of knowledge are exquisite!

: In the first Division of Time we can read in the Book of Beginnings,

: \"Barashith Bara Elohim eth HaShamaim v.eth HaAretz\", or as we

: say in English...In a beginning, God created the heaven and the

: earth.

: Presumably, this creation statement includes our star, the Sun. But

: the Sun was unlit and as dark as the surface of the then Earth. That

: Book of Beginnings states sometime in the first Creative \'Day\', or

: Division of Time, God commanded light to flood the dark Earth: The Sun
: switched on for the first time.(1:3)!

: Later in that \'Day\' an Evening of Darkness befell Earth; the Sun

: switched off again. That Evening of darkness was short, and

: abruptly ended with Dawn\'s new light, a new Morning, and a

: second \'Day\' began. The Sun switched back on!

: That second \'Day\' concluded with the Sun switching off,

: enveloping Earth with yet another Evening of Darkness. It switched

: back on for another new Morning; a third \'Day\' or Division of Time

: began.

: And so on for six \'Days\', epochs, or Divisions of Time. A new

: Morning heralded the seventh \'Day\'...in which we now live. It too will

: conclude in an Evening of Darkness when the Sun switches off. A

: new Dawning, a new Earth, a new Sun, another Age will begin. And

: from all appearances this is not afar.

: Based on the apparent duration of the seventh Division of Time

: (\'Day\') of 6000 years it is assumed the other Creative \'Days\' were

: of equal length. Within this larger seventh \'Day\' of 6000 years there

: have been assigned further Divisions of Time. An \"Age\" is said
: to

: have concluded at The Flood. Myths say both the Sun ephemerally

: switched off and the Earth rolled over before the cosmic

: commotion which caused The Great Flood.

: From this known solar function as precedent, ancient tribes

: identified periods of cataclysms in this seventh \'Day\', post-Flood

: period, as \"Suns\". These \"Suns\" are sometimes called
: by other

: tribes as \"Ages\". The meaning is similar----they are Divisions
: of

: Time. Biblically speaking, there are \'3 Earths\' or 3 Ages or 3

: Divisions of Time within this larger seventh \'Day\' period. The first

: Earth was pre-Flood; the second Earth is now; the third Earth is on

: the horizon. Unfortunately, the third Earth only comes via The

: Catastrophe!

: Eclipses were feared in the post-Flood world of man for it had dark

: reminders of an earlier time when the Sun had switched off, when

: the Wolf or Serpent swallowed the Sun. The Black Sun,however, is

: all about solar switch-offs, not eclipses. Totenkopf conditons and

: migrations are produced in the world of man if the Sun appears to

: have darkend either by (a)shutdown, (b) eclipse, or (c)volcanic ash

: darkening the skies.

: Within the seventh \'Day\', myth suggests the Sun has switched off

: on two ocassions of durations between 3hours to 10 days. Even

: the patriarch of circa 1600 BC Arabia, Jobab, knew that God could

: command the Sun to cease shining.

: The Big Bad Wolf lurketh now. The Magi\'s NWO is astrologically

: timed. Their underground facilities are fully operational for the solar

: switch-off. Global neo-Totenkopf conditions is nigh and timed to

: the Solar Shutdown. What zodiacal arrangement will be the sign for

: the upcoming, designer-made political, economic and social

: chaos? And how long before the Sun switches back on? Is this the

: \"killshot\" of which some speak?

: More questions than answers?