'Even during operations, doctors were shot at by US soldiers' 08 Dec 2005 *LINK*

'Even during operations, doctors were shot at by US soldiers' 08 Dec 2005 *LINK*
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08 December 2005
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\'Even during operations, doctors were shot at by US soldiers\' --Young Iraqi surgeon testifies about the horrors of the Iraq war --Barbara Debusschere, BRussells Tribunal De Morgen (Belgium), 26 Nov 2005 [Translated 07 Dec 2005 - interview with Iraqi surgeon Salam Ismael] \"From inside the ambulance, we threw water containers and bread at them. Which immediately got riddled with bullets... The Geneva Conventions state that the warring parties must respect and protect medical personnel, and give them access to the patients. On their part, the doctors must be neutral and treat any injured person. Well, we are accomplishing that task. I have treated Americans, Iraqis, even insurgents. \'But many times, the soldiers attacked doctors and their patients, or blocked and destroyed medical relief. Doctors were arrested while they were operating. \'You are treating insurgents\', the soldiers yelled. The patients were dying while the soldiers were beating up the doctors.\" [Warning! Graphic]
Pinter demands war crimes trial for Blair [OMG, what about Bush?] 07 Dec 2005 The Nobel prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter has called for Tony Blair to be tried for war crimes, in his acceptance speech to the Nobel committee. The 5,000-word speech excoriates the US government over Guantбnamo Bay and its attempts to destabilise Nicaragua in the 1980s.
Iraq war was \'blatant state terrorism\': Nobel laureate Pinter 07 Dec 2005 In a fierce critic ahead of the Nobel awards ceremony, literature laureate Harold Pinter branded the war on Iraq \"an act of blatant state terrorism\" and demanded the prosecutions of US pResident George W. Bush and Britain\'s Tony Blair.
Playwright Takes a Prize and a Jab at U.S. 08 Dec 2005 The playwright Harold Pinter turned his Nobel Prize acceptance speech on Wednesday into a furious howl of outrage against American foreign policy, saying that the United States had not only lied to justify waging war against Iraq but had also \"supported and in many cases engendered every right-wing military dictatorship\" in the last 50 years.
KBR workers in Iraq paid 50 cents an hour 07 Dec 2005 The U.S. military has paid Halliburton subsidiary KBR about $12 billion so far for so-called logistics support to U.S. military personnel in Iraq, the largest contract of its kind ever. While the United States spends billions on troop support in Iraq, the people serving the meals, scooping the ice cream, and washing the dishes make as little as 50 cents an hour.
Cost of British operations in Iraq soars to Ј5.5bn 08 Dec 2005 The government has nearly doubled its estimate of the cost of British military operations in Iraq, according to figures revealed by Gordon Brown yesterday. The chancellor has now agreed to set aside more than Ј5.5bn to pay for the operations.
Acts of defiance against war turned ordinary people into criminals 08 Dec 2005 In three different British courtrooms yesterday, three ordinary people stood accused of three very different crimes, but all based simply on their opposition to the war in Iraq.
Court says Iraq protest is a crime 08 Dec 2005 A peace campaigner who stood outside Downing Street reading a list of the British soldiers killed in Iraq was convicted yesterday under a controversial new law which bans unauthorised demonstrations within one kilometre of Westminster.

US attacks UN official on secret jails 08 Dec 2005 Washington has rebuked UN human rights commissioner Louise Arbour for criticising its anti[pro]-terror tactics as the alleged [?!?] secret jails row goes on. Ms Arbour said reports the US was using secret overseas sites to interrogate suspects harmed its moral authority and she wanted to inspect any such centres.

Tortured Australian speaks out 07 Dec 2005 A former Australian \'terror\' suspect says he was caught up in the controversial US policy of transferring detainees to foreign countries for interrogation. Mamdouh Habib claims he was tortured while held for a period in his native Egypt during his four years in custody. He told the BBC he was brain-washed, beaten and given electric shocks.
Memo shows US general aware of Iraqis\' jail abuse 07 Dec 2005 The top U.S. general in Iraq was aware in June of reports that Iraqi security forces had abused prisoners in their custody, months before U.S. forces in November found a bunker filled with detainees badly beaten by Iraqi personnel, a memo obtained on Wednesday showed.
Firefighting helicopters heading to Iraq in 2006 07 Dec 2005 Most of the Colorado National Guard\'s 12 firefighting helicopters will be in Iraq during next summer\'s forest fire season.
SAS Flight Downed By Rebels 08 Dec 2005 An SAS warplane that crashed in Iraq killing 10 servicemen (30 Jan 2005 ) was shot down, a military probe has revealed. Defence Minister John Reid will tell MPs today that the low-flying Hercules C-130 was hit by a \"projectile\" fired by rebels on the ground.
Bush vows to stay course in Iraq 07 Dec 2005 Dictator George W. Bush took a tip from his role model Winston Churchill [LOL!] and offered a prospect of \"tough days,\" \"good days\" and \"bad days\" ahead for the American people in Iraq in the coming months and years. But he said that in order to defeat terrorism it was necessary to stay the course there.
New Grand Jury in CIA Leak Case Hears From Prosecutor 08 Dec 2005 The CIA leak investigation returned to a more active stage yesterday as a special prosecutor presented information to a grand jury for the first time in six weeks. Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald\'s decision to enlist a new grand jury comes as he continues to investigate possible criminal charges against senior White House adviser Karl Rove.
CIA leak prosecutor again goes before grand jury 07 Dec 2005 Six weeks after White House aide I. Lewis \"Scooter\" Libby was indicted in the CIA leak case, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was back at work Wednesday before another grand jury with top presidential political adviser Karl Rove still under investigation.
Hartford Courant poll: Who would you vote for, for U.S. Senate? --Joseph LieberBush or Lowell Weicker? [Note: CT is a *Blue* state. Poll snapshot, 07 Dec 2005 20:54 EST: 14.0% Joseph Lieberman (D) 1668 responses; 81.8% Lowell Weicker (R) 9735 responses; 4.2% Other 498 responses; 11901 total responses.]

U.S. gives Israel a large new camp 06 Dec 2005 The United States Tuesday delivered a sprawling storage base it has built for the Israeli army. The base, Nachshonim, will store equipment for an Israeli armored division.
Shot passenger \'was mentally ill\' 08 Dec 2005 An agitated passenger [allegedly] claiming to have a bomb in his backpack was shot and killed by a US air marshal as he bolted frantically from an airliner about to take off from Miami.
Air Marshals Shoot and Kill Man After Bomb Threat 08 Dec 2005 Federal air marshals shot and killed a passenger at Miami International Airport on Wednesday after the man [allegedly] claimed he had a bomb in his backpack and ran from an aircraft, officials said... Rigoberto Alpizar, an American citizen from Maitland, Fla., was found to have no bomb. One passenger on the flight told a local television station that Mr. Alpizar\'s wife had tried to follow her husband, saying he was mentally ill and had not taken his medication... Mr. Alpizar and his wife had boarded American Airlines Flight 924 to Orlando around 2 p.m. and the plane was waiting to taxi when Mr. Alpizar, 44, \"uttered threatening words that included a sentence to the effect that he had a bomb,\" James Bauer, the special agent in charge of federal air marshals in Miami, said. [To the *effect* that he had a bomb? WHY aren\'t the US media whores adding the word \'alleged\' to the claim of Alpizar\'s utterance, as they *always do*
when the CIA is accused of hiding, torturing, and murdering detainees in secret prisons? Apparently, the Bush regime/GOP media whores want to acclimate U.S. sheep to accepting a \'shoot first - ask questions later\' policy. --LRP]
Passenger shot dead by U.S. air marshal --Airliner was on the ground at Miami airport at time of incident 07 Dec 2005 A passenger who [allegedly] claimed to have a bomb in a carry-on bag was shot and killed by a federal air marshal today on a jetway to an American Airlines plane that had arrived from Colombia, officials said. No bomb was found in the bag, a U.S. official said. Homeland Security Department spokesman Brian Doyle said the dead man was a 44-year-old U.S. citizen. According to a witness, the man frantically ran down the aisle of the Boeing 757 [panic attack?] while his wife tried to explain that he was mentally ill and had not taken his medication.
Air Marshal Kills Passenger at Miami Airport 07 Dec 2005 A federal air marshal aboard a jetliner on the ground in Miami shot a man who had [allegedly] claimed to have a bomb in a carry-on bag and did not comply with orders to lie down, according to spokesmen for the airline and the government.
\"Every passenger had to put their hands on their heads.\" --Mary Gardner, passenger on AA Flight 924. (MSNBC, live interview, 16:47 EST.)
Shoe Bomber Alert Preceded Airport Shooting 07 Dec 2005 Federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News they had been on the alert for a possible shoe bomber when a federal air marshal opened fire at the Miami International Airport today... Officials say an Egyptian man was stopped six days ago at New York\'s John F. Kennedy airport. Sources say he had a suspicious pair of shoes that tested positive five times for the explosive substance TATP on the interior of his shoes between the heel and sole. Strangely, after holding him overnight, airport security in New York released him [?!?].
Criminal Twist In Evolution Debate 06 Dec 2005 A Kansas professor whose planned course on creationism and intelligent design was canceled after he sent e-mails deriding Christian conservatives was taken to the hospital Monday following what he said was a beating. University of Kansas religious studies professor Paul Mirecki told the Lawrence Journal-World that two men who beat him were making references to the class that was to be offered for the first time this coming spring.
FEMA chief was given dire warning in 2004 --Brown was told response teams were not prepared for \'next big one\' 07 Dec 2005 FEMA’s top official was told more than a year before Hurricane Katrina that the agency’s emergency response teams were unprepared for a major disaster and were operating under outdated plans, documents show.
Oil industry targets EU climate policy --US lobby seeks to derail Kyoto measures --Documents show plan to sway post-2012 agenda 08 Dec 2005 Lobbyists funded by the US oil industry have launched a campaign in Europe aimed at derailing efforts to tackle greenhouse gas pollution and climate change.
US Senate urges Govt to join global warming talks 07 Dec 2005 Nearly a quarter of the United States Senate has written to pResident George W Bush urging him to join talks on long-term steps to combat global warming.
U.S. Rejects New Talks on Climate Change 07 Dec 2005 The United States on Wednesday rejected a Canadian bid to draw Washington into future global talks on climate change, a new round that would extend mandatory cutbacks in carbon emissions.
This Land May Not Be Your Land --House bill would allow mining claim holders to purchase the federal property. Some fear it would open national parks to development. 06 Dec 2005 Critics fear new mining law changes could open the door to any type of locally approved development on millions of acres of public land — including national forests and national parks... Six Western governors, all Democrats, signed a letter Thursday opposing the changes, calling them \"ill-conceived\" with \"sinister intent.\"
Court: Disabled Can\'t Escape Student Loans 07 Dec 2005 America\'s seniors and disabled cannot escape debts from old student loans, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, freeing the government to pursue Social Security benefits as part of an effort to collect billions in delinquent loans.
State suing 42 drug companies over inflated prices 07 Dec 2005 The state is suing 42 drug companies, claiming they artificially inflated their wholesale prices and cost Arizonans and health insurers tens of millions of dollars, state Attorney General Terry Goddard announced Wednesday.
Emergency Fuel Assistance Agency Overwhelmed 07 Dec 2005 As oil prices rise and temperatures drop, some of the elderly and poor in the New Haven (CT) area aren\'t getting the emergency fuel assistance they need.
House Republicans quietly pushing for new leadership --Voice concern about prospects for \'06 \'elections\' 07 Dec 2005 Beset by a series of high-profile scandals, House Republicans are increasingly looking to usher in 2006 with a new majority leader to give the party a fresh start with voters that could help avert potentially devastating midterm \'elections\' next year.
DeLay Seeks to Split Remaining Charges 07 Dec 2005 Rep. Tom DeLay (R.-Tex.) asked a judge Wednesday to separate the two remaining charges against him and let him to go to trial quickly on one count.
Hecklers cause Coulter to cut UConn speech 07 Dec 2005 Conservative \'columnist\' Ann Coulter gave up trying to finish a speech at the University of Connecticut on Wednesday night when boos and jeers from the audience became overwhelming.
New 39-Cent Stamp on Sale Thursday 07 Dec 2005 The Postal Service will begin selling a new 39-cent stamp portraying the Statue of Liberty and the American flag on Thursday to be used when the postal rate hike goes into effect Jan. 8.

[07 Dec lead stories:] Secret CIA Prisons Moved From Europe to North Africa 07 Dec 2005 The United States held captured Al-Qaeda suspects at two secret CIA prisons in eastern Europe until last month when the facilities were shut down after media reports of their existence, ABC News reported Monday, citing current and former CIA agents.
CIA \'emptied secret jails\' before Rice Europe trip 07 Dec 2005 The CIA last month emptied two secret prisons in Eastern Europe of \'terrorist\' suspects in a frantic effort to defuse the \"rendition\" controversy ahead of Condoleezza Rice\'s visit to Europe, sources in the agency have claimed.
German sues CIA claiming torture in abduction case 06 Dec 2005 A German man sued former CIA Director George Tenet and other U.S. spy agency officials for alleged wrongful imprisonment and torture on Tuesday in a rare legal challenge to the CIA\'s secret transfer of terrorism suspects to foreign countries for interrogation.
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