(English translation tool)

(English translation tool)
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Saturday, July 08, 2006 09:35 am

I do find your blog at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]
interesting, but don\'t know a word of Dutch.

Unlike Google\'s \"translation tools\" however,
offers translations from Dutch to English, and if you ask me, it does a pretty good job:

(dank u voor de informatie, mijnheer!)

In English:

Placed on 07 July 2006 01.39...
politically - terrorism - war Since 11 September 2001 our country has been also involved in the so-called war against terrorism. Soldiers have been sent to Iraq, soldiers have been sent to afghanistan. And such as I spiritual policy called in my text already have written. Do not mix you in war and violence, this leads only to more violence. Only our government here is too blind see this. It is a situation which lasts now for a long time. And there progress is in these countries and then mainly Iraq I doubt it. All the pictures and recover which one sees and reads on Internet and sometimes on TV nevertheless give a complete different picture our is then promised. Onschuldigen who lie wounded on the street, children who are shot. And the use of impoverished uranium in to boom, grenades etc. Impoverished uranium is still radioactive. And now soldiers there are therefore Dutch in these areas in which this has rightly come. What there with their event if they are at home? Then nadenkertje are. Nadenkertje, in which do not want hopelijk the months still 4 sitting government to. Why become people forgets and does so much is done there to power far tone etc? Instead of participating with this war can one improve the dialogue to contract. And you wonder yourself, how much of these terrorist attacks really terrorist attacks are? Is it really necessary on each recall of the NATO, yes say? Etc. Concerning impoverished...