'English' but Khazarian Cheaters & Fakers? Folksy Hoaxy Bellyhoo? Kate forgot to take off the silicone mockup?

'English' but Khazarian Cheaters & Fakers? Folksy Hoaxy Bellyhoo? Kate forgot to take off the silicone mockup?
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Monday, July 29, 2013 05:41 am

every aspect of life seems to be perverted with these inbred azz-phuggas

(the voice sounds scrambled, probably to avoid identification by voice recognition)

some yt-comments trying to leave out stalkers, trolls and shills, whatever

The \"morning sickness\" in December was her going to the hospital for egg extraction for in vitro fertilization. I was completely taken in by this until she emerged from the hospital with same size stomach, and bounding up and down stairs with no assistance, that would be difficult if you had gone thru 10 hours of labor just 24 hrs ago. Pregnancy pic at 8 months of her getting out of car shows her bending over instead of scooting up to front of seat then getting assistance to get out of car.

The egg extraction theory sounds quite plausible to me. Was that or a miscarriage. Either way baby George was gestated by a surrogate and I\'m betting my money that Willy is not the father

Indeed all these months she was not only bouncing around like a gazelle, but also skiing in the Swiss alps and playing field hockey, but unfortunately nowadays the dog n\' pony show has a strong appeal with the masses and they will believe anything their celebrity demigods tell them to believe.

Bad advice? Maybe on purpose. Told to leave it on because it would look like the postpartum belly? WAY too big and fake outline of baby still showing. They are DUMB. Or arrogant, that the public is stupid and will swallow anything. (But not everyone.) Like putting the baby in the car seat and driving away from the hospital makes you a \"regular\" person. Only thing like this I ever saw picture of was medical rarity where woman had twins three months apart.

This video had me rolling it takes days for a post partum belly to go down not right away. I did notice her breast didn\'t bloww up nor her face. I\'m 5 1/2 month pregnant and already kinda chunky my chest is getting bigger and my ankles is getting wide I\'m looking like a butter milk biscuit. Even if she had a surrogate the baby is bilogically theirs. My sis carried my baby girl but she is from my egg and donor sperm. Too bad the troll who stalked me belived surrogates are the real moms haha idiot.

she didn\'t look tired still the same! check out many women who gave birth tired looking and look closely their body language when somebody who are trying to lie

Methinks the crowd is screaming too much, do they get paid for the scene?



Additionally, as a mother of two I will add: I had petechiae on my face from pushing, burst blood vessels common with every mother. AND she has NO IV mark. Are you telling me they gave her no IV. It\'s BS. Episiotomies are very common, and she would also be bleeding heavily (sorry if that is graphic) and not wearing an outfit like this. It is bogus, and I\'m sad the GOOD people have believed this lie.