Email to Old-Hosts September 24, 2016 by Douglas Newsom

Hi from the twins at BBS Radio!

We sincerely hope you are doing marvelous... indulge us for a minute...

This is definitely worth your time to read...

Donald and I don't sell stuff, but check this out

WE BOTH INSTANTLY signed up to be affiliates 2 days ago (they launch next month - Oct 15)! We wouldn't even bother you if it's wasn't ground floor! It may be a way to pay for your future radio shows and market your company/business/yourself at the same time... (and ultimately it's free) - no need to pay for anything, unless of course you want to make money on this BRILLIANT Opportunity... (don and I did it, and we thought about you)

What the Company offers is FREE to use by the world (any person and any business), it's timely, necessary, in one form or another, high-tech, high touch, and idiot proof.

We just found out about this (and they started a few months ago)! Growing exponentially, and yet they don't launch until Oct 15. If you are interested call us (even if you are on the fence - have any doubts, call us). "THE" secret is to pay for, not only the $124 (yearly fee) to become an affiliate (affiliates get commissions on sales) BUT ALSO YOU SHOULD PURCHASE a ROTATOR spot for $100 (first 500 sign-ups become a part of the ROTATOR - maybe a couple dozen spots left). When the company markets, any person that signs-up on the company's website are placed under the 500 members (basically when they try to sign up without a sponsor they still need to be placed in a down line - so they are placed under the people who purchased the ROTATOR SPOTS - indefinitely we are told)

WE ARE JAZZED! Perhaps too easily excited, but it's easy to do, use, share, create, alter, offering basically a mini hightech, cross browser, cross platform website that acts like a business card and connects everyone) - acts as a business card, acts as a website, acts as contact manager, acts as a connection tool, and not associated costs, like the cost to set up a server, software, website, web-domain, apps, etc... (easy to use)! Click of a button stuff! You WILL be impressed! NO PRODUCTS, NO MONTHLY ORDERS, HIGHEST PAYOUT WE'VE EVER SEEN (no doubt)!

Interestingly your yearly payment of $124.00 can be considered a tax write off as a "business expense" because it promotes YOUR BUSINESS! The expense of making a business card!

Call me or Donald and we can share more (if you'd like) 530-876-9026. Otherwise JUST CLICK THE LINK and SIGN UP! (it's free and you really don't have anything to lose), but we'd sign up as affiliates at the $124/year level.

To be frank, there is not much time to become a ROTATOR Affiliate (and we mention this to you because we know how important it is to be one of the first - to be A ROTATOR - don't forget!

We've done so many of these, and so we are just as skeptical, but the fact is, they are going bananas (it's too easy a sell). The guy who got us involved signed up almost 40 in two weeks and he says 10 of his new clients came from the card (as a business marketing tool). It really is the ground floor or it wouldn't be worth our time. It's absolutely a risk! Consider the money LOST! But what if we are right! It only takes one, but YOU MUST GET IN AT THE GROUND FLOOR! This is what we've shared! The ability to do just that! But no worries, in about 1 month it will probably be too far gone, and most certainly in a few days the ROTATOR ability will be off the table (and its a strong reason why we got involved). The 500 initial people in the rotator will ALWAYS RECEIVE people placed in their downline (indefinitely we are told) when (and if) people sign up at the corporate website, but don't have a sponsor! It's important, because if it does take off, you may get people placed under you (and this may be a lot). If it fails (SUCH IS LIFE). But the idea is simply too brilliant and easy to share! And so far, the reaction we are getting is "WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!!!" - that never happens...

It's not like other MLMs with products to buy and sell and shipping every month... ONE YEARLY PAYMENT of $124 (to get commission) that's it... And (BUT NOT NECESSARY) $100 for the rotator (WE DID IT - each) but you don't have to... *(WE WOULD IF WE WERE YOU) - there may be spots left (not sure), we were less than 80 left a few days ago...

Keep in mind, we paid $5,000 dollars for our 2 phone apps.. and this simple link (mini website) has our streaming buttons - which is basically why we paid for the apps, yet this does itbetter, and no need to call an app specialist to make changes. An idiot could do it!

You can even include videos and audios...blocks of HTML5 code, scipts, etc... like a fully functional content managed website! It's impressive!

And you get THREE OF THEM! One for you, one for your business, and one for your radio show! (or use them in some other way)

And the payment is a tax write off!!!!!! (just like a business card expense - it's an electronic business card (we call it a min high-tech website with ease of manipulation unlike the content management system we use)

Try to get in on the rotator to become one of the 500 originals...

Sign ups since May/June (start) are now just shy of 10,000 people we are told, but only 400-450 people have signed up for the ROTATOR! We did twice, and so is everyone we talk too. The Company's OFFICIAL LAUNCH is OCT. 15th... they started in May. There are based out of Florida! (and you don't have a lot of time before you will probably hear about it everywhere)!

Call us if you would like to chat about it 530-876-9026 (NO PRESSURE)!

Also of note, you get $100 bonus if you sign up 6 people in the first 30 days... We did it in 3 days!...

You don't make money until you get 6 signs up directly under you (that pay the $124 yearly fee)! You get $100 bonus if you do it in less than 30 days, and you also get $15 on each of your sign-ups - on level one (so you could make $190 right away). Interestingly they pay out much more quickly... up to $50 a person plus other bonuses and percentages as you increase in levels... At level 3 your getting paid a LOT!!

Much Love from the twins