Email to Old-Hosts October 10, 2016 by Douglas Newsom

HOW MUCH TIME do you spend marketing yourself or your business?

Is it hard?

Why not try a method that is easier, better, more fun and FREE! (Did I mention that!)

Try out the vCard... It's free! (just try it)!

Just added A FEW NEW TOUCHES to the vCard to see how easy it was to add stuff.

Five minutes later (wallah)...

- A PAYPAL Payment Button (added)

- An Audio Clip (added)

- A Rotating Image Presentation (added)

and it only took minutes...

ONE FINAL STEP TO COME... adding a quick IPhone Video segment (An iphone to do the taping and then simply upload the file - they say it's that easy)

Why not discover the vCard to market yourself; an idiot proof tool that can take words, pictures, audio and video to capture the essence of who you are, and/or your business.

Don't say NO TO FREE! That's just not Smart!

(LOOK update)

oh... there's some surprises ahead...

Stay tuned!

Douglas Newsom