Email to Old-Hosts November 3, 2016 by Douglas Newsom

If It's not mainstream, it's on BBS Radio



$69 / month

"An opportunity to use our indescribably brilliant system for podcasting and more"
"What you get here, at an impossibly low price, you won't find elsewhere"



  1. Professional podcasting. Globally syndicated podcasts!

  2. Accurate and dynamic downloadable program stats!

  3. Complete Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration at a push of a button, which includes simultaneous integration to BBS Radio Social Sites!

  4. Be heard on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Blubrry, Libsyn, and hundreds more, quickly, easily and free, via dynamic feeds to all major portals (automated feeds with almost instant acceptance)!

  5. Headlining of your blogs, articles, featured guests and headlined shows in our Newsroom!

  6. Free 60 second audio advertisement - your commercial - added to all our network streams!

  7. System accepts the podcasting of all audio files from 8 bit to 320 bit stereo sound, in most common audio formats!

  8. Keep 100% of your earnings! All advertising and sponsorship revenues are yours to keep!

  9. No auto-tagging of your materials or audio files, show content or podcasts, via invisible code!

  10. Unmolested content and podcasts with no advertisements attached to your shows page content or audio files for podcasting! No fillers or ads added that aren't yours! No work a-rounds!

  11. Free HELP! Free live customer service available every day!

  12. The ability to privatize every field and every individual show podcast (extreme control at a push of a button)

  13. Receive regular guest submissions (almost daily) by people wanting to be a guest on BBS Radio talk shows, including full access to a vast database of guest candidates!

  14. Leave and accept comments and feedback on almost everything!

  15. Automatic email notifications, providing links and data, on almost everything!

  16. Ability to have a live interactive chat board on your show page! Just ask!

  17. Full HTML code allowed, and source code visibility options for content input and display!

  18. Feature A Guest, at the press of a button, with full social site integration of featured posts!

  19. Headline A Show, at the press of a button, with full social site integration of headlined posts!

  20. Write blogs and articles (with full social site integration, also providing granular control) and the ability to add almost anything, from videos to audio clips, pictures to links, documents and more!

  21. RSS Syndication feeds built around your blogs, articles and podcasts, so everything can be easily submitted to, or subscribed to, by everyone (at the push of a button).

  22. Personal and highly customizable pages with almost unlimited expansion capability!

  23. Add doc, txt, pdf files and other text type documents to your content page(s) as downloadable document files, press kits and more!

  24. Add audio tracks, music, promos, sound bites, and other audio segments to your program page(s), podcast episodes!

  25. Add and/or embed videos to your show program page(s) and episodes, along with other content items!

  26. Add small and large graphics (banners advertisements) to your show program page and to almost everything else, easily, with image links (to other urls)!

  27. Everything can be edited, changed, deleted, published and unpublished, affecting all syndication location content, automatically via cron jobs. We are the hub!

  28. Meta-tagging ability on all content (beyond automation, to the micro level) for more affective search engine penetration!

  29. Promote all your events effortlessly!

  30. No restrictions or limits on the number of simultaneous listeners to your podcasts or broadcasts!

  31. Banner creation and graphic assistance services at your fingertips (approx. $69 per banner)!

  32. Professional editing of podcasts! Use free software solutions or use our services for a nominal fee ($19 per hour of broadcast you wish to be edited)!

  33. Live broadcasting of your chosen podcasts at times and days of your choosing! "Unscheduled" broadcasting opportunities during open time slots ($49 per broadcast)!

  34. Professional assistance developing commercials, intros, outros, bumpers and liners (approx. $69 per commercial)!

  35. Choose from over a thousand audio tracks for use as background music in commercials, podcasts, during audio breaks, as bumpers and liners, etc.!

  36. Extremely easy interface and navigation, and an online manual! Everything is self-explanatory! All links have hover-over instructional data!

  37. No censorship!

  38. No contracts!

  39. No set up fee!

  40. Pay as you go! Quit at any time! No Questions asked!

  41. Shared rights (100% to do with as you wish) plus 100% exclusivity options (extra $10/month)!

  42. Unlimited Internet bandwith for feeds, content displays and players playing your content!

  43. 3 GB of space for show audio files (equivalent to 50, one hour shows, at 128K mp3). More space can be made available! Just Ask!

  44. Awesome Price! All for just $69 a month!




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