Email to Hosts June 19, 2016 by Douglas Newsom

We have just put in place an email confirmation for "ALL DATA" that is being input within the system. Meaning, you WILL get an email, immediately after content is PUBLISHED in your name!

It will provide you a LINK to the content (which is always useful)!

Also, you've noticed the website is NOW FULLY Cross-platform viewable, on all device types, information on BBS Radio dot com resizes itself, so phones and other devices types (ipods, ipads, smart phones, laptops, etc) can view the materials. If you RESIZE your browser window, the information will design itself differently on the page!

A few changes are NOW BEING MADE to social site posts (automatic posting of content to social sites when content is created), so MORE information show ups. (est time 1-2 weeks)

We are also ADDING in the ability to select a "Guest Candidate', as well as a "Highlighted Guest" within the "Feature A Guest" content type! (est. time 1 week)


the BBS Radio Staff