Email to Hosts January 18, 2016 by Douglas Newsom

We want to say, we love you! Our Hosts! We have so many things being accomplished behind the scenes. We've almost completed updating everything! Servers, Code, Software and more...

If you haven't taken advantage of many new website tools and features, you should... The tools we've offered our hosts, are awesome! *Where else do you think we spend our time and money?*

Don't, Not, Read the manual!

You know when you finally say, what the heck, and you spend a few minutes at something and realize, OMG, this is amazing!... YUP!... That's what we want you to feel! So we endeavored to make things too easy! Nothing is difficult! Everything is known!

But forgive us, we may not do justice to, the ease and fun of each objective, we tend to be a bit too wordy...