Email to Hosts December 28, 2015 by Douglas Newsom

Happy New Year 2016!

All hosts now have the "ABILITY" to "EDIT" any Highlighted Guest's profile. You may not see the content in your "My Content" link area, because only the originator of the content can have that distinction, you WILL be able to edit the content. Simply click on the TITLE LINK representing the guest and an EDIT BUTTON will show up at the top of the page!

That way we won't have DUPLICATE guest names in the data base (which can be confusing)!

Now, as of recently, many of the fields in the content you are creating, is a simpler process. Simply type in a name or partial name (or word, etc), and the content will drop down and allow you to select the item(s).

All Players (for Android and Apple) have been updated and fixed!

Live Listener stats will be available in the dashboard within a couple weeks!

Lot's of progress occurring every week. We hope to update more as time moves on, via these quick emails!


the BBS Radio twins,

Call if you need anything: 530-876-9026 (Doug's number)